Clint's Notebook: C.J. Miles

Get a closer look at Carolina's hoops targets by reading straight from the notebook of <i>Inside Carolina</i> recruiting analyst Clint Jackson. In this edition - 2005 wing C.J. Miles.

C.J. Miles
6-5, 195
Dallas (Texas) Skyline

Evaluating CJ Miles is something that is best done over multiple viewings. He isn't the type of player that commands attention. He's not a showstopper and he won't naturally stand in the spotlight. He's more of a talented sidekick type that could defer to someone else, especially when he lands at a big-time college program.

Miles is, however, very talented and very capable. And at times, he'll show the casual onlooker why he's in the elite status in the eyes of college coaches and the basketball media. He'll show flashes of why he's likely to be a McDonalds All-American in the class of 2005.

He's a very smooth player. He seems to glide with the ball and scoots by athletic defenders without too much trouble. He's the type of wing player that really never looks like he's moving that fast until he just gets by the defenders. His dribble penetration looks easy for him and his efficient jump shot is the icing on the cake. This 6-5 southpaw just lets the game come to him and finds his spots to score on the floor. We love his mid-range game, his versatility and the way that he just simply takes what the defense gives him.

His jump shot is simply a thing of beauty -- even when he misses you can just see that the form, rotation and release are there.

His passes are sharp, timely and on target and we really liked the way that Miles didn't let the chaotic state of the game affect who he was or the decisions that he makes. You won't see too many rushed shots, turnovers or mental mistakes from Miles -- and he's very responsible with the ball. His handle is very clean in transition and he navigates through traffic and controls the ball without too much trouble.

Versatility and a certain smoothness are the keys for this Dallas star and we think he could be the type of slasher/shooter/ball-handler that an elite program needs to win the big games. Even if he doesn't know it yet himself.

BEST ASSETS -- Perimeter jumper, mid-range game, versatility

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT -- Offensive assertiveness

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