Hansbrough responds in KC

SHAWNEE, Kan. --- When you're Tyler Hansbrough, it's nearly impossible to get away from all the attention. That is, unless you go to Cancun. Hansbrough will get his vacation next week, but for now he's got some unfinished business to take care of at the Kansas City Prep Invitational Tournament – his last event of the summer.

After a disappointing Wednesday night outing in which his 24 points and 13 rebounds weren't enough to avoid an embarrassing upset to the lowly Dakota Schoolers, Hansbrough came back with a vengeance on Thursday. He dominated – and seriously intimidated – a Kansas City Pump N' Run squad to the tune of 35 points and 11 rebounds, as the St. Louis Eagles rebounded for a 76-60 win.

His games – and more specifically his recruitment – have been the center of attention in Shawnee's Okun Fieldhouse. Local news crews follow his every step, and the newspapers do the same, including one which did a big photo shoot last night. Large numbers of Kansas and Missouri fans are in the crowd, letting their opinions of his forthcoming decision be heard. And the coaches are front and center as well, representing the four schools left on his list – Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas and Missouri.

And while Hansbrough appreciates the attention, he admits the recruiting process has become tiring.

"Yeah it is [wearing me out], with everything it makes it really hard to get away at times," he said, adding that even at home he can't escape the inquiries around town -- let alone the incessant phone calls.

Which is why he'll head to Cancun shortly after the tournament concludes this weekend. It'll be an opportunity to spend some time alone – away from the spotlight – to solidify his decision.

"I'm going on vacation and that is when I'll think about it," Hansbrough said. "I want to just kind of isolate myself and think about it with nobody talking to me. I'll have about five days and I am really looking forward to it."

The decision-making process has been difficult, but he still expects to choose a school next month.

"It looks like it is going to be about mid- or late-August," he said. "It is getting hard to decide because I have four good schools and I really like them a lot. It's hard to pick one because when I set on one, I start thinking about the others. I change my mind a lot."

As for those four schools, his thoughts …

North Carolina -- "I like Coach [Roy] Williams a lot with his track record for big men. Also, talking to Coach Williams and getting to know him a lot better, I think that is what would make me choose North Carolina. Especially with the tradition and all of the players they have had there, it is almost like a family and a lot of them are welcome there."

Kentucky -- "I really like Coach [Tubby] Smith a lot. I really like him and his style and the way they press people all over and get after it."

Kansas -- "I like Coach [Bill] Self. I've always kind of liked the Jayhawks and I just kind of like the tradition there."

Missouri -- "Well, Missouri is my home state so it would be like I'd have a lot of friends there and my family would be close and they could see all of my games. I'd feel real welcome."

Living in Missouri and surrounded by Tigers fans, Hansbrough said he thinks he could handle the potential backlash of spurning his home state's team.

"Half my family went to Mizzou so it might be a little tough, but I think I could deal with it," he said.

Any truth to the rumors of him favoring UNC?

"I really like North Carolina, but I wouldn't say they are favored over anybody right now," Hansbrough said diplomatically.

So what about the rumor of a silent verbal commitment to the Tar Heels?

"No," he said laughing.

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