Clint's Notebook: Tyler Hansbrough

Get a closer look at Carolina's hoops targets by reading straight from the notebook of <i>Inside Carolina</i> recruiting analyst Clint Jackson. In this edition - 2005 power forward Tyler Hansbrough.

Tyler Hansbrough
6-9, 230
Poplar Bluff (Mo.) High

Ignore the pretty boy looks. Don't draw conclusions when you see his gentle facial expressions. Heck -- his entire physique may not even fit the part either.

But come jumpball, watch and see how quickly this choir boy evolves into a terror.

You have to love what Tyler Hansbrough brings to the table, if you're a college coach in need of an aggressive power forward. Hansbrough plays HARD. He attacks the basket and he gets fouled. In fact, he gets fouled a lot. He plays the game as if he were personifying a hard core rock song.

Once he receives the ball and there's any sort of crevace to the hoop, he'll take it. His post moves are quick, assertive and explosive. And he's a good athlete with strong legs who'll dunk on folks.

He's active, aware and he anticipates so well. He just gets after it and hunts rebounds. Hansbrough really knows how to run his lane on the break and loves to catch and dunk. He was the first player down the court on numerous occasions. He really runs the court hard and smart and knows where he needs to be on the break to get the ball in scoring position. He plays defense hard -- fighting through screens, fronting his man and boxing out, and challenging every opponent that tries to get to the rim. Very good free throw shooter. And he gets a lot of opportunities because he's fouled so often.

Decent ball-handler for a big man. Consistent intensity. There's no quit in Hansbrough and he plays the game with a rare hunger that's not seen today in many top prospects.

For a college power forward, Hansbrough is a great fit. He's the type of kid that goes to college and makes an impact from day one. There's no way that any college coaching staff in America will be able to keep this kid off the floor as a freshman. He's just too good.

BEST ASSETS -- Scoring, intensity, defense, attitude, free throw shooting, rebounding

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT -- Touch (mid range), Ball-handling, Jumping from a stand-still

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