Augustine makes his bid for top PG in '06

Going into the summer circuit, many high profile college coaches had D.J. Augustine penciled into their agenda. Many came. Many saw. And many are in pursuit. After all, the 6-0, 160-pounder from Louisiana might just be the top point guard in the country in the class of 2006. His AAU coach certainly thinks so.

"He's the best point guard that I saw this summer, certainly," said Dannton Jackson. "Nobody could stop him out there."

You see Augustine -- who ran the point for the high profile New Orleans Jazz -- has many strengths on the court. And the most noticeable one may be that he really doesn't have any glaring weaknesses.

He's very quick with the ball and has an incredible -- INCREDIBLE -- (did we mention incredible?) manner in which he uses changing speeds to blow by defenders. He's the type of guard that just lulls the defense to sleep with his dribble and then explodes by the opposition.

"He can just change gears so well," said Jackson. "His decision making is good. He can get in the lane and create and he knocks down his jump shot so well that he's almost unstoppable at times."

"Certainly, like most kids his age though, he's got to get stronger and get better with his defense," continued Jackson, "but I think that will come in time. He's only a junior and he's just getting started."

Speaking of getting started, Augustine's suitors will be positioning themselves to make a run at the petite rising junior this year, but for now, he's keeping all of his options open.

"Right now I just want to see what's out there and keep all of my options open. I don't have a top ten, and I don't have a top five right now. I will say that I have always liked Carolina since I was young and I watched them on television a lot and all though," said Augustine, who's in Los Angeles for a basketball tournament.

In recent interviews, he's spoken highly of Wake Forest, LSU, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and Michigan. But for now, his small group of advisors are telling him to keep it open.

The quick guard is excited about how he's played this summer and hopes to build on it.

"I had a great summer," he said. "I've been real happy about the way that I played at the camps and stuff. I made the All-Star teams and I think I got a lot of exposure for that."

And who did he notice in the stands watching him?

"I saw Roy Williams out there, and I saw Bobby Knight, too. Lots of coaches and I really don't pay that much attention to it while I'm playing, but when I come to the sidelines -- you know -- I see them."

In the meantime, Augustine will be nursing an injury that he got in the waning days of Vegas.

"I hurt my foot," he said. "I really don't know what I did to it, but it's just been real swollen. The doctor looked at it today, and he said I should be alright, so I'm going to try and go tomorrow."

And if Augustine keeps "going" the way he's been going, it's going to be hard to keep him from being the top playmaker in the entire class of 2006.

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