FBall Recruiting - Dustin Fry Interview

Dustin Fry

Inside Carolina – Dustin, how did your visit go last week?
Dustin Fry – It was good. I had a lot of fun.

IC – Could you tell me when you arrived and walk through your visit?
Fry – I arrived on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my dad was on a business trip and my mom did not want to go up there alone so I went by myself. My friend Chase Page was my host for the weekend and I really enjoyed spending time with him. We went to the football game that afternoon and I liked watching the game. Saturday night I spent more time with Chase and on Sunday, it was basically academic day which got to be a little boring. They pretty much kept us full of food the whole time. I don't think we went two hours without eating.

IC – What did Coach Bunting say to you?
Fry – He said that they are recruiting me as a center and that I have a chance to play right (away) next year although he could not promise anything. I like talking to Coach Bunting. He doesn't BS.

IC - I suppose that you spent time with Coach Caldwell?
Fry – Yes, I spent a lot of time with him over the weekend.

IC – Who else do you plan on visiting?
Fry – Clem, SCAR, and MD.

IC – Would you say UNC's chances improved after your visit?
Fry – Yes, I'd say that but I want to take my other official visits to compare.

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