Media Day: Players Q&A

McGill, Durant, Page, Lewis, Mason and Brown addressed the media on Tuesday...


On the number of carries he expects this year:
"Right now it seems like I'll carry the ball a little bit more. The coaches are saying I'll carry the ball anywhere from 20 to 25 times."

On cramping problems:
"I'm not going to say it's completely gone. Compared to last year, I'm in good shape and working with the trainers to the point where it shouldn't be a big problem. I talk to the trainers everyday to tell them how I feel and what I've eaten and make sure that I'm hydrating. I don't eat as much meat and french fries as I used to. No Bojangles. I'll eat salads and drink a lot of Gatorade and water. I wish I was eating steak and potatoes but as long as the diet keeps me from cramping I'll have to stick with it even though I don't like it."


On the role of the offense:
"As an offense we would love to put up a lot of points. That's our goal; to score as many points as possible. Regardless of what the defense does, we think we can do that."

On this year's offensive depth:
"I have confidence in everybody. We have so much experience on offense. Even our backups have a lot of experience. I'm very comfortable and confident in everybody. I think everything will fall together well."

On coaches' job security in a tough conference:
"This is a crazy business. Every team in this league has the capability to beat in team any given week. It's just all about if you're hot at the time. I think we're a good team. I think we can compete with all the teams in this conference. If we win games and take care of business on the field than all of the issues off the field will be resolved."

On this year's running backs:
"I think our running game is a lot better this year that it was the last two years. I think the main thing is to find a guy that we can give the ball to 20-25 times. We have three great backs and when one back gets in a rhythm his confidence goes up and that helps the team. I think it works best with one guy consistently in the back because guys get in a rhythm out there. I know this from experience at quarterback from when Ronald and I split time. Sometimes you feel like you're getting in a rhythm and you get pulled out of the game. I think that's tough on anybody."

On what he's doing to take his game to the next level:
"I'm trying to make everybody around me better. I've been studying more film. I think the main thing is just trying to bring everybody together as a team. I'm taking pride in that now. I know that the team is the most important aspect in winning a game. If everybody is together and the guy beside you believes in you, trusts in you, and knows that you've got his back then you can be successful. It took time and maturity on my part to learn this. Guys like Coach Bunting and Coach Franklin, who have a lot of experience, know what it takes to win and they've drilled this in my head and it helps."


On Darian Durant:
"He's a real strong leader. Everybody looks to him to see what he's doing and follow his example. I think he's a great leader for this team."

On the healing of his broken jaw from last spring:
"I'm all the way back. I don't have that many problems with it at all. As far as pain and anything like that, it's all gone. I did lose some weight when I got hurt. I was 193 when it happened and got down to about 177. Now I've gained it all back."

On his personal goals for the season:
"On kick return I want to return at least three kicks and as a receiver I want at least seven touchdowns. More than anything I want to win games. I think these are goal that I can do."

On the mentality of a kick returner:
"You got to be tough because you know everybody's running at you full speed just trying to hit you. You have to know where the holes are and where the people are. It's important to chose the right holes. When I catch the ball I just tell myself, ‘Run, just run. Get the ball and just run as fast as you can.'"


On being picked next to last in the ACC:
"We have to take that personally. Of course there's a lot of statistics and what not. But, you have to look past that and look inside ourselves and evaluate our own goals. I look back to my freshman year when we were tremendous underdogs and we accomplished a lot that year. When I look around at my teammates this year and I see that same type of drive that we had several years ago."

On the desire this year:
"We have urgency this year. We got smacked in the cheek once and turned around and tried to be the nice guys. Then, we got smacked in the cheek again last year and we know we've got to do something about it. We can't let anything go undone. We've got to come to play and do like we said a few years ago and answer the bell."


On his role in the backfield:
"I'm not sure where I'll be used. I'm prepared to do whatever they want me to do whether it's out of the slot or in the backfield. I've got a little more shake to me than the rest of the guys. Chad is the fastest. Ronnie is the most powerful back. I've got a little more shake and have a little more blocking technique than they do. But, we're all one unit coming together. It's not really a my strength versus his strength type things. We're all going to go out there as one and do what we can do together. We're prepared to be the best backfield in the ACC."


On the lineup at tackle:
"The depth chart is never really set until game day because of injuries and inconsistent play. Kentwan Barber and Kenny Price are working in the third team. Shelton and I are at nose and three. Then there's Puff (Isaiah Thomas) and Jonas (Seawright) at nose and three. We've got some quality depth and that goes a long way. Kentwan is a thick young man at 6-4, 280 and he'll only get bigger with our strength staff."

On Jonas Seawright's weight loss:
"I was amazed when I saw him. I came up a week ago started working out and saw him with his shirt off and couldn't believe it. He'd lost nearly 50 pounds. He looks great and he's moving great at practice. We'll see how it affects him when we start hitting, but he looks good and so does Puff (Isiah Thomas)."

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