Brockman's recruitment taking shape

After a busy stretch of traveling the club and shoe company circuit and dealing with his recruitment, Jon Brockman needed to get away. That's exactly what the 6-7 power forward from Snohomish (Wash.) High did for a week after finishing up his productive summer.

"I had a blast (this summer), it was great and I really had a lot of fun. I'm glad to be home and get a chance to relax though," Brockman told Inside Carolina. "I was back in the gym today but I took a week off from everything and went hiking with my dad and went down to Arizona just for a vacation and didn't do anything. I turned off my cell phone and just got away from it all."

Brockman's AAU coach, Jim Marsh, raved about Brockman's summer performances.

"Every possession, every game and even in practice, Jon was maniacal," said the head man of Friends of Hoop. "Every possession he had to get the ball and every time he had the ball, he went to the basket and went hard. There's no question he's a unique player.

"I've never coached -- or coached against -- anyone like him in high school. He's the best offensive rebounder I've ever seen at this level."

Having taken some time off and recharged his batteries, Brockman is ready to get back into the thick of recruiting. He's got his visits with one school set up, but isn't sure when he'll set up his others.

"I've just got Duke set up right now. On the 9th they'll be out here and then I go out there on the 17th for my official," said Brockman. "I haven't really thought about the other visits much yet and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do."

For the most part his list has remained the same throughout the summer although he recently eliminated Arizona and will focus on Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, UCLA and Washington. But according to sources close to the situation, this is a three-horse race now between UCLA, Duke and North Carolina.

Brockman said that Roy Williams has been working to get in touch with him, even though he's overseas with the Olympic team.

"Coach Williams tried calling me the other day but I missed it and he's away so I haven't talked to them (UNC) in a while," he said.

A laid-back kid -- nickname Dr. J -- who appreciates the position that he is in, Brockman has found plenty to enjoy during the recruitment process and offered up his thoughts on how schools have approached him.

"It's not too bad, I don't mind it at all. It is good to be able to talk to the coaches and learn from a player's standpoint what I can do and how they would use me," said Brockman.

"UCLA has been recruiting me the longest and they've been really consistent about it. After them Duke has really picked it up lately," he added. "Washington has always been recruiting me hard and now UNC is like Duke in that they just started to really recruit me."

At this point Brockman is still interested in making more visits and he is eager to find out what the state of North Carolina is like because he's never been there before. He's also found out about the various creative things that schools come up with during the recruitment process but doesn't know if anybody can trump what UCLA pulled off.

"I had that breakfast with John Wooden at UCLA and that was pretty big," he said. "It was a lot of fun and he is an incredible man."

Finally, the plan is still for Brockman to make a decision sometime during the fall and it is just a matter of setting up more visits if they can be worked out. It seems that everywhere he goes people want to offer him some "advice" but he will look to those who are close to him for his ultimate guidance.

"Everyone has their own opinion and everybody wants to put in their two cents on what they think you should do," said Brockman. "I don't really take people's advice about what they think I should do unless they are close to me. Parents, friends, coaches and people who don't just want what is best for them or have other motives, I'll listen to them and what they think."

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