FB Practice Notes (8/15)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The UNC football team hit the practice field in full pads on Sunday evening but was limited to action only on the turf due to recent heavy rain on the grassy fields.

  • In the second installment of "I can out-do your hair do," senior fullback Leon Scroggins, voted the hardest working player on the team by his teammates, walked on to the field sporting two blue-dyed ram horns shaved into his hair. But aside from the comic relief, Bunting said that he brings an attitude to the field: "He works hard every day, is a great scout team player, has helped us on special teams--and will this year. If you aren't first- or second-string, you need to have guys who have a lot of enthusiasm about the game and want to help the football team--[guys] who don't worry about playing time. Their concerns are 'team,' and that's what 'Scroggy' is."

  • Bunting said that he felt the players worked hard and got some things accomplished today.

    --The defense worked on sub-packages versus the various personnel packages on offense.
    --There was an active run period with work on the two-minute offense, introduced for the first time.
    --Everything on special teams has been implemented at this point.
    --At this point the focus is no longer on learning anything new but on getting better at the things they have already learned.

  • Bunting says the most pleasing thing in training camp so far is the attitudes of the players.

  • There is a personnel meeting Sunday night which will last several hours to come up with a first draft of the depth chart. In today's practice, the defensive line #1's were Kyndraus Guy (LE), Chase Page, Jonas Seawright, and Tommy Davis, and the #2's were Khalif Mitchell, Isaiah Thomas, Kenny Price, and Alden Blizzard. But Kentwan Balmer figures to be in the mix after joining the team late because of personal issues.

  • In one-on-one drills, the best defensive line performances came from Chase Page, Jonas Seawright, Khalif Mitchell, and Kentwan Balmer. In the second tier were Kyndraus Guy, Tommy Davis, and Isaiah Thomas.
  • Back-up quarterback: Bunting says Baker has the edge at this point due to experience.

  • Of the running backs, Bunting feels that Jacque Lewis is the best all-around because "he is a great pass protector, he is a very good pass receiver, and he is a good runner. He is the best overall at this stage of the game. He has leadership skills, experience, he's been in some big ball games starting when he played against Florida State in 2001."

  • Former defensive lineman Anthony Perkins (pictured), who played on the 2001 Peach Bowl team, addressed the team after practice. "Anytime I get an opportunity to present a former Tar Heel," Bunting said, "and they are always coming back whether it's Anthony Perkins today, whether it's Bernardo Harris tomorrow, or some of the other players like Ted Elkins, John Anderson, the Dooley brothers--whenever I can put one of those people in front of our team to tell them what it was like when they played here, to tell them how important it is to continue to work and struggle, and working towards your degree, and giving great effort every day to be a better team, I'll do it. That is exciting to me. That is one of my favorite things about being back at Carolina--putting a former Carolina player in front of our team."

  • Injury Report:
    --Shelton Bynum, left hip, (DNP)
    --Joe Kedra, right knee (DNP)
    --Melik Brown, illness (DNP)
    --Larry Edwards, groin (DNP)
    --Patrick Hope, right knee (DNP)
    --Steven Bell, left hamstring (DNP)
    --Arthur Smith, broken right hand
    NOTE: The two most serious injuries are Bynum and Kedra who are expected to be out "a few days" and "about a week," respectively.

  • Mike Mason was not wearing a red-shirt but did not participate in practice, according to Bunting, because "he was guilty of not participating in treatments today, so he's not allowed to practice."

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