UNC-UK Locker Room Report

Brian Morrison

On the beginning of the second half: "We didn't handle them very well at the start of the second half. They weren't doing anything differently, but we just didn't handle those first ten minutes very well."

On how Tayshaun Prince's shooting influenced the beginning of the game: "We were playing really well at the beginning of the game but he kept hitting big shot after big shot after big shot. It (Prince's five threes) didn't take us out of our flow, but it kept us from getting ahead."

Jawad Williams

On UK's success on the offensive boards: "They were very physical. They kept coming at us and coming at us down there. We just didn't do a great job of boxing them out. Sometimes I have a tendency when I'm boxing out my man to just keep him there - I've got to get better at running down the loose balls."

On Carolina's inconsistency: "The game is all mental. It's physical out there, but if you go out with the mentality that you will just work hard every time (down court) then you'll be fine."

On adjusting to the physical nature of the college game vs. high school: "I feel I'm adjusting to it just fine. I work against Kris Lang everyday in practice, so the physical part of the game not that bad for me."

On what Carolina takes away from this loss: "We never quit and we never gave up. Even when we were down by almost 20 with 4 minutes left, we felt like we could still get back in the game. We never wanted to quit and we kept coming at them. Coach Doherty was disappointed at the loss, but he told us he was proud of how we kept going at them until the final buzzer."

Will Johnson

On last year's UK game vs. this year's game: "Well, last year our defense wasn't all that great. But this year, you have to credit Tayshaun Prince, he played great. We have a lot of things we need to work on right now."

On the first 10 minutes of the game when it seemed the Heels were playing well: "I thought we started the game off really well. We were comfortable and we were communicating well on defense. His threes really gave them a lift, though."

On UK's defense to start the second half: "They were playing really good defense to start the second half. I don't know how much of a difference Kris being out made during that time, but I'd like to think in the future we can step it up when he's out, but he is one of our best players."

On what Carolina takes from this game: "I think we gained some experience. It's good to play a big road game early in the season to prepare us for later. We didn't play as well as we would have liked, but I think the experience of coming in and playing a great team like Kentucky in Rupp Arena will serve us well in the future."

Jason Capel

On Tayshaun Prince: "Did he surprise me? Well we knew he could shoot it but he was shooting from halfcourt. Didn't he hit one from the K? Once a guy gets it on, all you can do is get your hand up. It was one of those nights when he was putting in everything that he put up. I like to think of myself as a good defender, but when a guy shoots the way he did, you've just got to give him credit. I was right there on a lot of his shots, it's not like he beat me off the dribble or was taking me to the basket - he was hitting shots from 25 feet."

On where Carolina goes from here: "We've got to keep working hard. I think we're getting better but we've definitely got to cut back on our turnovers. We've got a lot of guys playing different positions and getting used to that. We've got to communicate better, execute better, and cut down on the turnovers."

On Lang's illness and the start of the second half: "We knew at halftime that we would have to step it up because we didn't know if Kris would be able to go in the second half. It took a lot of heart for him to come out there when he did. We've got to learn how to play through that kind of thing." (losing a key player)

On the freshmen adjusting to the more physical college game: "Most freshmen coming in aren't used to hitting the weights. I know I wasn't. It's a man's game out there. I think they're doing a good job, they're working hard and they're playing through their mistakes."

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