Q&A with Tyler Hansbrough

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. -- With the decision made and the press conference over, Tyler Hansbrough is a Tar Heel, and will make it official when he signs a letter of intent in November. Hansbrough talked with <i>Inside Carolina</i> afterwards about the decision-making process and his future in Chapel Hill.

How do you feel now that you've made your decision?

"I feel relieved. I feel like I've taken some pressure off my back and I get to concentrate on everything else. I think it will help my game to not have this on my shoulders anymore, it really is a relief."

What was the toughest school to call and say you're headed elsewhere?

"Probably Missouri, they're my in-state school and so close to home. They've been recruiting me the longest and it was hard to turn them down."

How did your decision-making progress progress through the summer and what was the ultimate factor?

"I think at the beginning of the summer I was leaning towards UNC but there were things that I was really happy about with the other schools, too. What put them over the top was when I talked to my parents and they supported my decision to go to UNC and were happy about it."

Talk about your relationship with the UNC coaching staff ...

"I really like Coach Williams and I feel comfortable with him and how he plans to use me on the court. The respect I have for him really made me feel good about my decision. I really like his staff, too, the assistant coaches are all good people."

At what position and role does the staff project for you at Carolina?

"He sees me as a power forward who he'd use like guys like Nick Collison and Drew Gooden and past players he's had. When I was on my visit he showed me videos of them and I thought that was perfect for my style of play."

Do you plan on helping UNC get some additional commitments?

"I'm going to be calling some recruits in the future and I'll be telling them where they need to go. I'm probably going to call Richard [Hendrix] and Andrew Bynum. I've gotten to know both of those guys on the circuit."

You can relate to Hendrix's position ...

"I kind of know what he's going through right now and I'll probably just call to talk to him as a friend and not pressure him."

How are people in Poplar Bluff reacting to your decision?

"I think the people that know me will be really happy for me. I'm getting to do what I want to do so I know they'll support me."

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