Hansbrough's press conference transcript

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. -- Here is an exclusive complete transcript from Tyler Hansbrough's 6:30 p.m. (EST) press conference from Poplar Bluff as he announced his decision to commit to North Carolina ...

Tyler Hansbrough

"First of all I would like to thank everybody that came out. All of the the people, it's good to see everyone out here. I would like to thank first of all the people that have been with me most of my career, I would like to thank the DAR [Daily American Republic], [sports editor] Brian Rosener who has done a good job following me and has been with me since my freshman year. Ozark physical therapy for taking care of my leg.

"Now to my decision. It came down to four schools - Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina. And thorughout the process I get to meet a lot of great people and a lot of great coaches and I think that my decision ... I think I chose the best school for me and there's a lot of reasons why I chose that school and I'm going to the university of North Carolina.

"I came to my decision Monday night talking to Coach williams, actually talking to the assitant Coach Holladay and I told him I was going to have a press conference and I was going to announce it on Monday. I told them my reasons for chosing was becuase of Coach Williams' track record and throughout the process getting to know Coach Williams and building a relationship with him. I think he's a great person and a great coach. I'm looking forward to playing for him.

"I'm opening it up for questions.

Q1 - [North Carolina vs. Missou] - "It was a tough decision. When it came into my mind that I could play for Missouri a have a whole lot of my hometown people could follow me, getting to go there. I have my brother Greg there and that played a role. I think that would be a home atmosphere for me but we came down to it I felt that North Carolina was the best place to develop me.

Q2 - [Coach Williams] - "When I talked to Coach Williams about where he sees me playing, I think he sees me playing as a Nick Collison, Drew Gooden and Raef Lefrentz. The big men he's had in the past and hopefully I can follow in their footsteps.

Q3 - [NBA?] - "It's in the back on my mind. I've always grown up kind of in love with college basketball -- the environment. I think I will go to North Carolina, prepare to play there for four years, but in case something does happen that I'm a top pick in the draft, I will look at that closer.

Q4 - [Community support] - "I'm happy to see a lot of people out here. I notice a lot of people that go to all of our games and I have a lot of respect for our community for the way they follow our games. I appreciate them coming out here.

Q5 - [How UNC came into the picture] - I think that early on in my process I would of said I wasn't going to North Carolina but as soon as I got to know Coach Williams better and grew a relationship with him, I was like 'This is the guy I want to play for.' When I went there for my visit I was blown away by all their tradition and their past players coming back. It's like a big family there.

Q6 - [Missouri: Did allegations factor in the decision] ­- "I don't think it played a part. I've talked to the coaches about that and they can't tell me every detail but they can tell me some things and I dont think they will have a big violation if they have one.

Q7 - [Playing time at North Carolina] - "I feel like when I go to North Carolina I will play and have a role on their team immediatley. I plan to."

Poplar Bluff head coach John David Pattillo

It must make you proud to refect on Tyler's career.

PATTILLO: "When I got a chance to move back to Poplar Bluff, Tyler was, I believe, either a third or fourth grader. I got a chance to see he and his teammates play for quite awhile, grow and develop. It's been quite an exciting process."

How do you feel about his choice of North Carolina. Is this something you've been involved in?

PATTILLO: "Well, I'm just in a capacity to help the family when they've needed help. Tyler and his family have sat down and gone through everything they've needed to to make a great decision. Tyler is a great fit for North Carolina, and I think North Carolina is a great fit for Tyler."

Could you be more specific why you feel that way?

PATTILLO: "Well, I just think the program -- ­ the way they play their post players ­ I think Tyler fits in Roy Williams' style. He runs the floor extremely well, he's a good offensive player and he's going to do a great job for them defensively as well."

Coach, there was a quote where you said Tyler wasn't the typical freshman, but did you ever envision this?

PATTILLO: "At the time I couldn't envision this. I knew he had a great chance to develop and he has all the way through high school. I still think, and I've told Tyler this, I think there's an even bigger opportunity to improve where he's at right now. I think the sky is the limit for what he can do."

What about the fact that he's not going to the state school and that there are so many intense Mizzou fans in this region?

PATTILLO: "I think most people here in Poplar Bluff feel that no matter which school he decided to attend, he was going to make a great decision. All those schools are at a level that you're not going to go wrong. Great academically, great basketball schools and with great traditions. No matter what his decision was today, it was going to be a solid decision and it was going to be a right fit for he and his family."

(On behalf of all of us at Inside Carolina, a huge thanks to photographer Paul Davis, reporter Steve Frey and sports editor Brian Rosener of the Daily American Republic for all their help covering the press conference for IC.)

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