Wilson will wait

Earlier in the month, Lawrenceville (Va.) Brunswick jumbo athlete E.J. Wilson visited Blacksburg in hopes the stay would trigger a decision between current leaders North Carolina and Virginia Tech. However, the visit did anything but that, sending the 6-foot-3, 230-pounder back to the drawing board.

His recruiting situation has frustrated Wilson to the point where he has shifted gears concentrating solely on his senior season and only using spare time for recruiting.

"I'm just trying to focus on football practice," explained Wilson. "We started last week and we are going to a team camp this week, so I'm going to be at the school all week until Friday. We are going to have an inter-squad scrimmage Friday.

"I guess I'll focus on [recruiting] whenever I get free time, but it can't be a big issue because I don't want it to interfere with my play."

After visiting Virginia Tech's campus and speaking to the staff, Wilson gave the Hokies the nod as his clear cut leader. However since then, the uniqueness has wore off closing the gap between the two new ACC rivals.

"They still have a lead but not by as much," stated Wilson. "Its just basically coming down to where am I getting more playing time. How the team does [during the season] will have a little bit to do with [my decision], but [my decision will be made on] mostly playing time. I feel if I can be on the field with the team I think the team will be better."

Wilson hopes to find time this weekend to call both coaching staffs to discuss his concerns with playing time. He then figures to official visit both schools and possibly Navy before verbally committing.

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