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FORK UNION, VA - Shortly after New Hampton's 70-67 victory over Fork Union on Friday night, we had the chance to ask Rashad McCants some questions. And these questions came from you -- the loyal <i>Inside Carolina</i> readers.

On Friday, we posted a message on the IC UNC Basketball forum, asking board posters if they had some questions for McCants. The response was overwhelming. We printed out the questions and asked him a handful of them. Here's what Rashad had to say ...

HeelThyself - Of all the players in the ACC, now and upcoming, who do you most look forward to grabbing a rebound and dunking over?

McCants - Carlos Boozer. If he's not there, Michael Thompson.

tzalagaris - Has Carolina's rough start made you anxious to get there?

McCants - Definitely. Most definitely!

tzalagaris - Are you excited about college in general?

McCants - More than excited. It's like -- I'm thrilled.

Heelatious - How good of friends are you with Damion Grant and can you comment on his potential as a high Division I talent?

McCants - Uh, were not friends or anything like that. I've met him once. And as far as division one, he'll be able to work all season on getting there, talent wise. He's a good player.

Heelatious - Now that the recruiting game is over, will you change your intensity level for fear of injury?

McCants - I'd rather be hurt and still be cheering on the bench. I won't change it.

VAHeel - How often do you check out the Inside Carolina site?

McCants - Daily.

Clint - You read the message boards?

McCants - Yup.

Clint - You ever post?

McCants - No. (laughing)

Clint - Got a favorite poster over there?

McCants - Rayshad McFelton!

mountainheel - Which Duke player are you most looking forward to locking up on D?

McCants - J.J. Redick!

Doberman - What part of your game improved the most since last year.

McCants - Defense, definitely defense.

T23arheel - Do you have a 6'11 brother that you can bring with you?

McCants - (Laughing) No, I don't. I wish, I sure wish I did.

jrbutts - All UNC fans want to know this -- how much do you hate the Dookies?

McCants - A lot. Enough. I hate them enough. I'm looking forward to playing in Cameron.

Clint - Tonight, the cadets were really loud, nagging you when you went to the free throw line. I mean that place was rocking, it was similar to Cameron Indoor in a way. How does that stuff affect you?

McCants - I mean, I love it. That's what actually brought me back into the game. I mean, I was down on myself in the second half. Until I had a chance to get that field goal. That pumps me up.

Clint - We didn't see that normal intense Rashad until like the last three minutes of the game. As Mike Kruse said, standing beside me -- It took 37 minutes for the animal to emerge. What was up with that?

McCants - I just had a bad game. It's been basically that my aggressiveness has been vanishing lately. Because I'm so used to being a role player on my team, and getting everybody the ball and running the plays. So I really don't get to do the things that I'm used to doing. And a lot of people are like -- he doesn't look like the same player -- I'm just trying to win ballgames now, basically.

cortezthechiller - What number do you want at UNC and why?

McCants - 32. I wore it in high school, Magic Johnson wore it

Clint - Christian Laettner wore it?

McCants - laughing-- yeah Laettner wore it.

Clint - What does the current team lack and can Rashad, Sean and Raymond help them with that?

McCants - Definitely, from my standpoint, I think the team (currently) has the heart and has the desire but when it comes to game time -- it's not that intensity that's usually associated with Carolina basketball. I think me, Raymond and Sean have all that in the package and we should be able to bring that the entire game.

Clint - On big men?

McCants - We need to start getting some big men. If we don't get any more....

Clint - You don't want to play center?

McCants - I could, but....I don't know.

Other Questions:

Clint - You've played against (class of 2003 star) Luol Deng?

McCants - Yeah, he's very good. He plays hard. I like the way he plays. He's got a good perimeter and inside game.

Clint - Does he match your intensity level?

McCants - No one matches my intensity level.

Clint - If there was one player from the class of 2002 that you could've brought in with you, Sean and Raymond, who would it have been?

McCants - Amare Stoudemire.

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