Bunting Quotes

Head coach John Bunting met with the media on Tuesday for his weekly press conference.

Opening Statement:

"There is nothing tricky about this season in terms of our schedule and the preparation we've had in this training camp. It's been a lot of physical play, been a lot of continued nourishment of this football team, the young players in particular. It's seen an offense that is very capable of scoring points and moving the ball, a defense that has gotten better, and special teams that should, I hope, be equal to or better than last year.

"I'm real excited about getting started here, it's been a long time. This is the week that we get started on this 2004 season, and I feel real good about how we've worked and I'm excited about playing."

On the team's preparedness coming out of training camp:

"I think we're kind of where we wanted to be at this point. There were things that took place in the two or three big scrimmages and workouts that we had that were pleasing.

"What I think we did get was some of the penalties, the game-type operations that we need to have in terms of substitutions and alert on the sidelines. The way we worked that last scrimmage I was really pleased. I don't know what else we could have done to get us better prepared to start the season and get ready for the rest of the season. Right now all of our focus is only on William and Mary, it has been yesterday and the last couple practices of last week. We're about where we want to be."

On the defense:

"I'm not going to say I'm not still concerned about a lot of places, I think there are some unknowns about our defense. There are good things I've seen every day on the practice field with our defense. I've seen our guys run, I've seen our guys surround the ball like I hoped that they would do.

On the linebackers:

"The linebacker situation has been a concern. I think Fred Sparkman has earned a starting role, I think Fred Sparkman has earned a starting role and I think Jeff Longhany has earned a starting role. I don't expect those three to play the entire game. I expect other people to get in the game - Mahlon Carey being one, Hilee Taylor being another. And I hope at some point Larry Edwards makes a contribution at linebacker again. Right now he's playing on most every special team and trying to work his way back into a role with our defense."

On Trimane Goddard:

"He just displays a real penchant for football, he loves the game. He's really a pleasure to be around, he loves to play and he loves to do things right. He's what you want to be at corner, to be at nickel back and to be a kick returner.

On Connor Barth:

"I think that he's very mature, he's got a great deal of confidence. I don't think he's completely unflappable but none of us are. I think he's a guy who will have a short memory with a bad kick. I think he's got a great work ethic, which I think contributes to his confidence. He loves to kick and he loves to do it right."

On Gerald Sensabaugh:

"He's really been a pleasure to be around. He's got great instincts, particularly against the run. He's a very inquisitive football player. He's strong and can change direction. He's got overall speed and is an explosive tackler. I'm expecting big things from him, he's caught on with our defense, and I think he's really flourished under the tutelage of Marvin Sanders."

On William and Mary:

"I discovered this morning that if (quarterback Lang Campbell) was in I-A football he'd have been in the top 10 in passing efficiency (last year)...He has a strong arm and throws all the throws. They have three senior receivers coming back. They had a great season last year, and they won their last four games.

"(Head Coach) Jimmye Laycock is a guy that I do not know personally, but I've admired him for a long time. Besides Division-III, I've always followed I-AA football and been intrigued with William and Mary and Richmond and New Hampshire."

"They've had dynamite offenses. Jimmye Laycock's done a great job of scoring a lot of points. They averaged close to 30 points per game last year. They've got two big backs, they have an offensive line back and they have a quarterback that can put some numbers up."

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