FBall Recruiting Board - 12/12/01 - Three S's

Mac's 12/12/01 TB/FB/LB/SS/P/K recruiting Board


Target Number: 2
With only three scholarship TBs on the roster, and none really setting the college football world on fire thus far, UNC could use a game breaker at TB.


Projected 2002 Depth Chart
1. Andre Williams (6-0, 215, Jr-3)
2a. Willie Parker (5-11, 200, Jr-4)
2b. Jacque Lewis (5-10, 190, So-2)


Commitment: D. J. Walker (6-1, 170, 4.45, NC) - TB/FS prospect from Brevard, NC. Last year (Walker's first on varsity) D. J. rushed for 1,946 yards on 255 carries (7.6 ypc average), scored 23 touchdowns, and had approximately 2250 yards of total offense. On defense, D. J. recorded 45 tackles and three interceptions. Walker had the third fastest time in the State 2-A track meet for the 100 and 300-meter hurdles. Walker earned all-area and all-conference honors and is a consensus top 20 player in NC.


Remaining Board:

1. Thomas Clayton (6-0, 200, 4.32, VA) - Top 10 national RB. Fits the Coach Powell (UNC's RB coach) ideal of a big, fast TB.  Last season, Thomas rushed for over 1800 yards with 19 touchdowns to his credit. As a track star, Tom has run a 10.4 100m and a 22.3 200m. He also has the 8th fastest time nationally in the 55m at 6.2 seconds. Clayton also has some famous football-playing relatives. He has one cousin that plays for the San Francisco 49er's (Julian Peterson) and another cousin that plays running back for the University of Maryland, former Carolina signee Jason Crawford. Tom visited Chapel Hill back in April of this year. The most important aspect in choosing a college for Tom is the prospect of early playing time. In one HS game this year, Clayton rushed for over 300 yards and six touchdowns on a mere seven carries.  Clayton loved his official visit to UNC on 11/16 and said that UNC led big (85%) headed into his visit with FSU. However, said the same types of things following both ND and PSU visits, and Clayton is now talking up FSU. Latest info is that he will wait until after his January visit to Maryland before reaching a decision.
Official visits: ND 11/2, PSU 11/9, UNC 11/16, FSU 12/14, MD 1/?
Offers: Dozens
Projection: Florida State


2. Nate Robinson (5-9, 175, 4.35, WA) - Nephew or former NFL scatback Eric Metcalf, basketball teammate of UNC basketball recruits Rodrick and Lodrick Stewart.  Says that UNC is his favorite, but that UNC has not been in contact yet for football (he has spoken with and received materials from Matt Doherty). Scored 28 tds as a senior, including 17 rushing, four receiving, three on kick returns, two on punt returns and two on interceptions. Rushed for 1800 yards. Southern Cal (11/30) and UNC lead Arizona State (11/23), Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State. All except UNC have offered.
Projection: Southern Cal



Target Number: 1
UNC did not add a fullback in 2001 and it is possible that Richard Moore will likely not return for a fifth year. Thus, a pure fullback could really help this year.


Projected 2002 Depth Chart
1. Madison Hedgecock (6-2, 247, So-3)
2. James Faison (6-0, 225, Jr-4) (walk-on)


1.  Patrick Hall (6-3, 245, 4.6, GA) - Plays QB in HS (30 td passes as a senior), but projects as either a FB, TE or LB at the next level. Currently lists PSU (1/11), GA, GAT, FL and UNC as his top 5.

Projection: Penn State


2.  Brandon Schweitzer (6-3, 230, 4.7, NC) - This Hendersonville product is a "jumbo athlete" who can play FB/TE/LB. He is a state championship wrestler and is a workhorse throwback in the mold of John Bunting, Madison Hedgecock and Will Chapman.  Last year, he caught over 30 passes for approximately 500 yards and 4 touchdowns. On defense, he made over 100 tackles. Current favorites include FL, UNC, SC, NAVY and WF.  One major obstacle for UNC is that Brandon would like to be an engineer someday and UNC does not have a pure engineering major (though it does have engineering "related" majors). Visited UNC for FSU game and SC for AL game and lists SC and Florida as his favorites.  Set to visit UNC officially on 1/18.
Projection: South Carolina


3. Jesse Allen (6-2, 215, 4.6, MA) - Rushed for 2,300 yards as a senior. Lists BC, WISC and UNC as his favorites.

Projection: Boston College



Target Number: 3
With all three LB starters departing after this year and less than adequate depth, LB is a huge need for 2002 and a position where someone could step in and play right away.


2002 Projected Depth Chart
1.  Robert Harris (6-1, 228, Sr-4)
2.  Doug Justice (6-3, 228, Fr-2)


1. Devllen Bullard (6-1, 228, So-3)
2. Clarence Gaddy (6-3, 228, So-3)


1.  Malcolm Stewart (6-3, 228, Sr-4)
2.  Clay Roberson (6-3, 228, Jr-4)


Melik Brown (6-2, 228, 4.55, NJ) - Committed to UNC over offers from more than a dozen schools including TN, GAT, WISC, MICHST, RUT and others. 58 tackles and nine sacks as a junior. Could project at either OLB or DE, but likely to start out at OLB in college.  Visited UNC officially on 12/7.
Victor Worsley (6-2, 228, 4.6, NC) - Victor's a big hitter that has caused over 15 fumbles the last two years. In his junior year, Victor recorded 120 tackles. Rates among the top 15 players in NC. Committed to UNC over offers from BC, CLEM, ECU and WF.


Remaining Board:

1.  AJ Nicholson (6-2, 228, 4.6, NC) - AJ's father, Darrell, played for Carolina during the Crum era (also as a linebacker). AJ's favorite team growing up was Carolina and has stated that it has always been his dream to play for UNC. Committed to UNC very early this summer, but decided to he wanted to take some other visits to "keep his options open" and "make sure his choice was the best one for him."  Last season, for Winston-Salem, Mt. Tabor, he had 160 total tackles, 20 tackles for loss, five sacks and four forced fumbles. AJ is considered one of the top two prospects in NC and among the top 5 LBs in the nation.
Official visits: TX 11/10, UNC 12/16 (?), FSU 1/11, MIA 1/18, TN 1/25
Projection: UNC if you listen to the "inside word" from those that know his dad; whoever gives him the best shot to win 4 national championships if you listen to AJ himself.


2. Bobby Carpenter (6-3, 235, 4.6, OH) - Top 15 national LB prospect whose father Rob played for the New York Giants and Houston Oilers in the NFL. Lists OSU, MICHST, UNC, NW, ND and STAN as his top six.  Visited UNC officially on 11/30 and after his UNC and OSU visits, told one service that OSU led and another than UNC led. 
Projection: Ohio State


3. Brandon Archer (6-2, 215, 4.6, MN) - 85 tackles and 19 tackles for loss as a senior. Currently favors Illinois (likes their Architecture program), brother is a starting LB for Minnesota.
Official Visits: ILL (11/30), IA (12/7), UNC (12/14), MINN (1/4).
Projection: Illinois


Strong Safety

Target Number: 1 (but may try to sign two SS/OLB types figuring one will grown into the OLB spot and the other will stay at SS)
With the impending graduation of Defonté Coleman and the pre-mature departure Marcus Jones this summer, SS is a spot that could use another player (or two).


2002 Projected Depth Chart
1a. Chris Curry (6-0, 200, So-2)
1b. Defonté Coleman (6-1, 220, Sr-5)
3. Ronnie Bryant (6-0, 208, Fr-2)


Commitment: Rashaad Tindall (6-4, 190, 4.5, NC) - Has only played football for two years. A big-time headhunter with a nasty disposition and a reckless playing style. As a junior he made 50 tackles, 10 TFL, four sacks and two interceptions as a LB and 15 catches for 300 yards and eight tds as a WR. If he doesn't grow into an OLB, has plenty of athleticism for the SS spot as evidenced by his 39' 5" vertical and 6'6" long jump.  Committed to UNC over offers from NCSU and WF and interest from VA, CLEM, and SC.


Remaining Board:

1. Maurice Hart (6-1, 208, 4.45, NC) - Another former Northern Durham product, Maurice currently plays for College of the Canyons Junior College in California. Maurice has a reputation as a big hitter. He has offers and/or heavy interest from Arizona, Arizona State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oregon and Oregon State. Carolina has offered him conditionally provided he meets his academic requirements.  Don't count on this one as UNC admissions is particularly hard on JUCO transfers - see "placed" JUCOs Cory Alexander and Kareem Marshall, each of whom couldn't get admitted to UNC even though each had more than a half-dozen offers from other D-1A schools.
Projection: Kansas State


2.  Tommy Richardson (6-2, 208, 4.55, Miami, FL) - Lists UNC (12/7) among his top five currently. Has offers from BC, FL, MD, ND, OSU, and VAT. 
Projection: Florida


3. Lance Evans (6-4, 195, 4.55, NJ) - 55 tackles and five interceptions as a junior and 76 tackles and three interceptions as a senior. Currently has offers from PSU, VA, BC, UNC, WISC, IA, and RUT.

Official visit list: BC 11/9, WISC 11/16, VA 11/30, UNC 12/7, IA 12/14 (PSU and RUT unofficially three times each)


4. Donte Newsome (6-0, 208, 4.45, VA) - RB/SS prospect who rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of the last two seasons.  Scheduled to visit VAT officially on 12/14 and will select his other visits from among UNC, VA, TN, MD and PITT.

Projection: Virginia Tech


Blake Ferguson's premature departure and Jeff Reed's graduation make K/P a position of need.


David Wooldridge (6-3, 200, NC)  - Davie County K/P whose only HS misses have come from 45+ yards and more than 70% of his kickoffs are touchbacks.  Averaged a whopping 44.9 yards/punt as a senior. Committed to UNC over offers from WF and DUKE and heavy interest from NCSU and VA.


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