UNC-W&M: Bunting PC

Opening Remarks:

That must be a first, to win our opening game. That's great. It's hard to win the second one if you don't win the first one so it's a great way to get started.

I thought our guys really did a great job of hanging in there when things didn't look very good. We all know that turnovers can really hurt you, and I think you have less than a 10 percent chance of winning football games when you are minus-four in turnovers. There are statistics out there that are pretty close, so give them credit. Give William & Mary credit for battling and doing good things.

When they came back and scored in the second half when we had scored, that could have been a tough time for us, but instead we went back down and scored again and scored a couple more without them answering.

There are a lot of good things we can learn from this game. I am really pleased, particularly after halftime--no panic by anybody--to go out and play our game and get things under control. Of course, in the fourth quarter, we were really able to take over and run the football.

It's nice to get a couple of players rushing for over 100 yards. Jacque and Ronnie, it's a tribute to them and to the offensive line.

It was a warm day out there and we played a lot of players. We were able to do that with our offensive line, our running backs, our wide receivers. I think we played close to 12 freshmen today, three or four of them being red-shirt freshmen and eight or nine newcomers.

I think our crowd did a great job hanging in there. I could hear a couple cat-calls out there, and I don't blame them. It looked kind of ugly at first, but our players overcame that--give them credit. Give our coaching staff credit for keeping them upbeat at halftime. It's great to have our fans there at the end of the game, or close to, cheering us on and enjoying this win as much as all of us did.

In closing, it's great to win, and it's great to win when you have made lot of mistakes, most of which are correctable.

Everybody had left the field and you made the long walk by yourself at halftime. What were you thinking?

The reason I took a long walk is that there was a rule I didn't understand so I had to go talk with the referees about it. They made the correction on me. We got that figured out.

It was just a matter of us doing things right. We are a team with the ability to score. We have the ability to run, and we have to maintain that. The guys that touch the football have got to give the football more respect. If we understand that, we'll be a good football team down the road.

My whole thing with the staff and the [players] at halftime was to stay with our plan and run the football. Let's take it out of the quarterback's hands for this game because we can run it and we did. There was no panic at halftime. We just had to go out and play good football

What did you think of your defense today and the William & Mary quarterback?

The quarterback looked like Roger Staubach out there. We missed him a lot, and I think that comes from first-game jitters to an extent. But, for the most part, when you have a free guy on him and, anybody who has played the game [knows] when you see the quarterback there and your eyes get big you know you have a certain amount of time to get there. You start accelerating, overstriding, and then you start playing on one foot and miss him. That's the big thing. The guy did a great job evading in the pocket. And what hurt us too were his runs or boot passes outside.

That stuff is correctable. Our defense did a fine job--a lot of pursuit to the ball. I don't think anyone has seen us run to get to the ball as well as we did today, in a couple of years. As much as I'd like to say we have a lot of improvement to do--a lot of it is correctable--I think the speed was much more evident today on the field.

What did you think about Gerald Sensabaugh? He was all over the place.

He's very instinctive and a very fine tackler. He shows up and he's mean when he gets there. He's a great addition to our team.

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