Friday Night Stats - 9/3

Inside Carolina tracks the performances of UNC's football commits each Friday night. Pictured - Brandon Tate.

Andre Barbour
Team Result: Lost to Forsyth Central 15-7
Notes: N/A

Jose Cruz
Team Result: Beat Penn Cambria 45-0
Notes: Cruz Caught two passes for 38 yards.

Aaron Stahl
Team Result: Hurricane postponed game against Orlando Evans
Notes: N/A

Bryan Dixon
Team Result: Beat Loris 45-0
Notes: 129 yards (6 carries), 3 TDs -- including a 96-yard score; 61 yards (2 receptions) -- caught 20-yard TD pass; Grabbed 2 INTs

Darrius Massenburg
Team Result: Beat Northampton-West 23-6
Notes: N/A

Bobby Rome
Team Result: Beat Bethel 23-6
Notes: Rome made up for his struggles with his passing with a 142-yard and two touchdown ground performance on 17 carries. Through the air, Rome completed 9 of 27 passes for 64 yards. He also threw three interceptions.

Nick Starcevic
Team Result: Beat North Lincoln 35-6
Notes: Starcevic ran for four of his team's five touchdowns

Brandon Tate
Team Result: Beat Eastern Alamance 47-7
Notes: Tate caught three passes for 84 yards, including a 22-yard touchdown reception. He also rushed once for an eight-yard gain.

Camaron Thomas
Team Result: Beat Union Pines 34-33
Notes: 9 tackles (4 for loss); 123 yards (19 carries), 2 TDs

Cade Thompson
Team Result: Beat Knoxville Halls 24-0
Notes: In a game dominated by running, Thompson sealed the game with a 33-yard touchdown pass making up for a first quarter interception.

Kennedy Tinsley
Team Result: Beat Greensboro Grimsley 12-9
Notes: N/A

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