FBall Recruiting Update: Palmer Interview

Inside Carolina spoke with Ellenwood, Georgia OL/DL Jonathan Palmer concerning his college interests. Jonathan was studying for exams and his Dad was screening his calls so that he could get his necessary study time in. Inside Carolina appreciates the Palmer family for granting IC this interview time. Jonathan is a teammate and good friend of Carolina prospect Marcus McNeil

Jonathan Palmer

  • HS: Cedar Grove
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 311
  • BP: 350
  • 40-time: 5.0

  • Favorites: Says he has none. UNC visit in January is the only visit he has scheduled so far.

  • Offers: Has approximately 10 offers.

    Inside Carolina: Jonathan, thank you for taking a study break and talking with us. Which team would you say is recruiting you the hardest?
    Jonathan Palmer: They are all recruiting me about the same.

    IC : Who is your primary recruiter from Carolina?
    Palmer: Coach Huxtable.

    IC: Have you met him in person?
    Palmer: Yes, I have met him in person.

    IC: Do you enjoy being recruited by him?
    Palmer: He's all right. I really like Coach Huxtable.

    IC: Have you seen Carolina play in person?
    Palmer: I saw them play GaT on an unofficial visit.

    IC: Do you plan on going to the Peach Bowl?
    Palmer: I don't know if I will go to the game but Marcus and I are planning to go to some Peach Bowl practices.

    IC: I've seen you listed as a DL and an OL. Which position do you think you will play in college?
    Palmer: Pretty much everyone is recruiting me as an OL so I think I will play OL.

    IC: Do you know any of the players on the Carolina football team?
    Palmer: No, I don't but it will be nice to meet some when I go to the Peach Bowl practices and on my official visit.

    IC: What do you think of the Carolina football team?
    Palmer: They look pretty good.

    IC: How about the school itself (UNC)?
    Palmer: Seems to be a good school as well.

    IC: What would you like to major in?
    Palmer: Electrical Engineering.

    IC: Did you have a favorite school growing up?
    Palmer: Not really. I pretty much liked watching college football but I didn't really follow one team.

    IC: What advice did your HS coaches give you with respect to choosing a college?
    Palmer: Just to choose carefully.

    IC: Does your family have a preference where you play?
    Palmer: No, not really.

    IC: Is a college's distance from home a concern for you?
    Palmer: Well, I don't want to be too far away from home.

    IC: Is Chapel Hill to far away?
    Palmer: No, its not too far away.

    IC: Have you ever been to Chapel Hill?
    Palmer : No, I have never been there but I look forward to going.

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