UNC-UVa: Locker Room Report

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Here are postgame comments (text and audio) from Jason Brown, Jonas Seawright, Darian Durant, Tommy Richardson and Ronnie McGill following North Carolina's 56-24 loss Saturday to Virginia ...


AUDIO: Jason Brown

"…It's all about execution. Apparently, there was very little execution. We've got to go back to the drawing board. Next question."

What was the play on the fourth down and what broke down so that you couldn't get it into the end zone?
"I can't recall what broke down. I'm not exactly sure. Maybe somebody missed their block. I'm not sure. There's a lot of things going on in a football game."

How much did that hurt not getting points?
"You cannot express how depressing it is to drive the ball all the way down the field and be denied at the 1-yard line. That's just like going all the way down to Disneyland, all the way down to Florida, and their not letting you in. It hurts."

How good is their front seven. You knew they were good, but how good are they?
"Their front seven…they're good players. I'm not taking away from their front seven, but their secondary was even better. The linebackers…they ran all over the place and they have great speed in their secondary, and so do the linebackers."


AUDIO: Jonas Seawright

"…I know we got guys that want to be good. There aren't any guys on our defense that don't want to be good. If you don't want to be good, why come out there and practice so hard. You know? I know we got guys that want to be good and I know we've got guys that want to get it done. We just have to work harder next week and get ready for Georgia Tech."

Does this game put more pressure on Coach Bunting's job status?
"I have no comment on that."

Did you change from the strategy that you played last year?
"It's a whole 'nother defensive strategy. It's similar to what Tampa Bay is running. It's very simple. It's just a matter of us executing and becoming a tougher defense…just going out there and doing what we know we can do…what we saw out there in training camp and in the spring."

How angry was the coach?
"He was very upset. We were all upset with ourselves, because we're better than that. We know that. We've just got to put this behind us. We've got a lot of football games left. We've just got to get ready for G. Tech at home this week."

Have you ever seen him angry like that post-game?
"Coach Bunting is a hard-nosed kind of guy, so I would just say I've seen him get after it a whole lot."


AUDIO: Darian Durant

What did Jason Brown say to you when you came out of the game in the fourth quarter?
"He just said, ‘Keep your head up. We've got a long season ahead of us. And even though the margin of victory was pretty big, even if we lost 10-9, it would still be a loss. Just take it and learn from it. We've got another ACC game next week and we have to move on.'"

What's going through your head as you walk off that field there?
"It's just tough; just tough. We worked so hard in the off-season and we put in so much time over there at the football center. And to lose that bad, it's not a good feeling."

(Question inaudible)
"I thought we had a chance. A couple of years ago, we were up 21-0 on them and they came back and won. I think we have a pretty good offense. There was never a doubt in my mind that we could come back."


AUDIO: Tommy Richardson

"…It was just demoralizing to the defense to not have stops three straight times and give up a 97-yard drive."

What are some of the things the coaches talked about (inaudible)?
"We had a pretty good scheme, so they were just harping on the fact that we need to execute our scheme."

Those first two drives, how difficult was that to have them ram it down your throat?
"It's always difficult to get scored on. No one is different than the other. It's always difficult."

Are you guys playing a different scheme/strategy than you had last year?
"It's a different scheme, but you've just got to execute it whatever scheme it is, and we're just not doing it. Myself, I'm definitely not doing it well."


AUDIO: Ronnie McGill

"…it seems like the whole team's there. You don't get a chance to make two cuts and you don't get a chance to hit two players. As soon as you get hit, you've just got to go."

How about the fourth down play on the goal line?
"It was just a run that was supposed to go inside, or bounce it out. They had leverage on the outside, so I tried to cut it up. But there wasn't anywhere to go, so I just tried to pound it in there."

Have you ever seen [Bunting] more upset?
"Last year versus Maryland, but this was the worst. Because we got embarrassed, he has a very good excuse for being upset at us."

When you walked off that field, do you remember the emotions that were running through you?
"Just to think that actually just happened. You don't really believe that you just got beat that bad, and nothing was going right for us the whole day. It's just a horrible feeling."

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