Football Recruiting Update: 12/16/01

IC updates on LB A.J. Nicholson and TE/DL Aaron Kirkland...

A. J. Nicholson

Inside Carolina spoke with Shrine Bowl Linebacker A. J. Nicholson.

Inside Carolina – A. J., I heard on the radio that you were injured. What happened?
A.J. Nicholson – I re-injured the pinched nerve in my neck.

IC – How is it now?
Nicholson – It's fine now.

IC – Are you getting ready for exams and track now?
Nicholson – My grades were good enough that I was exempted from exams and I am preparing for track.

IC – Your favorites are UNC, TX, TN and FSU right?
Nicholson – Also Georgia.

IC – I heard that Texas got a verbal commitment from another highly rated linebacker. Does that affect how you feel about them?
Nicholson – They are still one of my favorites.

IC – Do you have one team that you like more than the others?
Nicholson – They are all about the same right now.

IC – I heard that Coach Browning is now recruiting you. Is that true?
Nicholson – Yes sir.

IC – Do you like Coach Browning?
Nicholson – Yes sir.

IC – Have you set up your official visit to Carolina yet?
Nicholson – Not yet. Coach Browning was here the other night and we talked quite a bit about my official visit. It will probably be a mid-week visit after the FSU visit (projected to be 1/25).

Aaron Kirkland

Inside Carolina spoke with TE/DL Aaron Kirkland about the Shrine Bowl and recruiting.

Inside Carolina – Tough loss at the Shrine Bowl Aaron. What do you think was the main problem for the North Carolina team?
Aaron Kirkland – I think the offense that they tried to install was too complicated to learn in one week.

IC – Was it primarily a run-based offense or a passing offense?
Kirkland – Passing offense.

IC – Did Coach Bunting do a good job speaking at your banquet?
Kirkland –Yes, he did a good job.

IC – How did your Michigan visit go?
Kirkland – It was good. I enjoyed it.

IC – Your next visit is to Carolina on January 11. Who do you have after that?
Kirkland – I go to TN on January 18 and PSU on January 25. Florida State is my other favorite but I haven't set anything up with them yet.

IC – Do you have one or two teams that you like more than the others?
Kirkland – No, I just want to take all my visits and then sit down and decide.

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