Practice Remains Spirited This Week

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Following a dominating performance at the hands of the Virginia offense to the tune of 549 total yards, the UNC defense remains excited to face Georgia Tech.

Head coach John Bunting described the defense's play as disjointed and out of sync, with players trying to do the job of others and failing to live up to their own responsibilities.

"[In] this game of football, you have a responsibility," Bunting said, "and you have to take care of your responsibility and not try to do somebody else's. That happened and that's where we as coaches have to come in and get it straightened out."

"We were over-running the ball and stuff like that," said senior safety Gerald Sensabaugh. "But we were trying hard and hustling. We have to have trust in each other and just stick to your job only."

The message from the coaches this week in practice so far has been to practice harder and faster and to come more mentally prepared.

"They are on our behinds more, pushing us harder," said senior defensive tackle Jonas Seawright. "From today's practice, I think people are responding to that."

Last week, Bunting wasn't completely happy with the intensity and the speed of practice, particularly on Wednesday, but this week that doesn't appear to be a problem. The players filed into Kenan Stadium from the practice fields Tuesday afternoon covered in grass, looking as if they'd all been in wrestling matches.

"There were about four fights today in practice," Seawright said. "That right there is enthusiasm. As the captain, I was loving it because I saw enthusiasm. We know better than to do that in a game, but when you are in practice a fight or two can bring up the intensity and get everybody raring to go."

Working in concert has been another emphasis this week from the coaches, but as a captain on defense, Seawright delivered a message of his own.

"My message to them is that I promised that I'm going to step my game up to a higher level," he said, "and I expect them to do the same thing. We're together, we're a unit…Let's go all-out. If you get tired, tell coach you are tired and bring someone else in, but you have to keep it up"

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