FB Recruiting Update 12/18 : Minter and Morris

Inside Carolina spoke with standout cornerback Demario Minter following his official visit to Maryland. In the second part of the story, Derek Morris answers IC's questions...

Demario Minter

Inside Carolina – How did your Maryland visit go?
Demario Minter – It went fine. I really enjoyed it.

IC – What did you do on your visit?
Minter – I walked around campus and I was surprised that I liked the atmosphere. I talked to Coach Friedgen and I think they have the program moving in the right direction.

IC – How were the facilities there?
Minter – They were real nice. They also have plans to make some improvements.

IC – What kind of improvements?
Minter – They plan to close in the stadium to increase the seating capacity. They also plan to add a weightroom and an academic facility.

IC – Would you say that after your visit that Maryland now leads?
Minter – No, I would not say that. They are right up there though. They are a possibility.

IC – Who would you say leads?
Minter – UGA and North Carolina and Maryland .

IC – Maryland was your first visit?
Minter – Yes, they were my first.

IC - Have you talked to Coach Huxtable lately?
Minter – Yes, we talked tonight. He is excited about getting me down for an official visit.

IC – You have Georgia next right?
Minter – Yes, on January 11.

IC – Did Brandon Cannon have a good visit as well?
Minter – Yes, we both had a good time.

IC – Which team is he listing that you are not and which team are you listing that he is not?
Minter – He is listing Central Florida (and Demario is not) and I am listing UGA (Brandon is not).

IC – Did you get selected to play in the Georgia/Florida game?
Minter – Yes I did.

IC – When is that game and is it on TV?
Minter – December 29 and I am not sure if it is on TV.

Derrick Morris

Inside Carolina – Derrick, I understand you came down for the Carolina basketball game and football practice.
Derek Morris – I came to the practice but I didn't know that there was a game.

IC –How did you enjoy practice?
Morris – Oh, it was alright.

IC – I understand you saw a couple of other Shrine Bowlers there.
Morris – Yes, my boy AJ Davis was there and Jejuan Rankins.

IC – Have you decided who will get your official visit?
Morris – Not yet. It will be between Miami, UNC, FSU, and NCSU.

IC – Who have you visited and who have you scheduled for official visits?
Morris – I have visited Ohio State and Georgia and have scheduled visits with TN and Florida.

IC – Who is your favorite?
Morris – I really don't have a favorite.

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