FB Recruiting Update 12/18: Davis and Rankins

Inside Carolina talked with Shrine Bowl cornerback AJ Davis about his experience at the Shrine Bowl and statements made by Thomas Clayton. In part two, Rankins answers Inside Carolina's questions about recruiting and the Shrine Bowl...

AJ Davis

Inside Carolina – AJ, how did you like the Shrine Bowl.
AJ Davis – It was fun. I met some guys across the state that I had not met before.

IC – What do you think the problem was with the North Carolina offense?
Davis – I don't like to point the finger at anybody but we were a little weak in some areas. Overall, I thought we had better players than South Carolina.

IC – Did you play offense or defense during the Shrine Bowl?
Davis – I played defense except for one play on offense.

IC – I heard that you came to the Carolina basketball game on Sunday.
Davis – Yes, it was a little too close but they pulled it out. I also went to football practice that afternoon.

IC – Were there other recruits there as well.
Davis – Yes, Jejuan Rankins was there and big Derek Morris came too. Jejuan and I came together.

IC – I don't know if you have heard or not but Thomas Clayton has been reported to have committed to Florida Sate. He is also reported as saying that he plans to try and get you to come to Florida Sate. Do you think that he will have an influence on you going to Florida State?
Davis – I don't know.

IC – Do you know Thomas?
Davis – Yes, I know him.

IC – You and he are scheduled to play in a HS school all-star game in January. Where is that being played?
Davis – In San Antonio.

IC – AJ, who would you say that your top team is?
Davis – Well, I don't really have a top team but if I had to chose I would say that UNC and NCST are my top two.

IC – Is that mainly because its close to home?
Davis – Yes, but I haven't taken my official visits yet so I'll know more after that.

Jejuan Rankins

Inside Carolina – Jejuan, I talked to AJ Davis a few minutes ago and he said that he saw you at the Carolina basketball game on Sunday.
Jejuan Rankins – Yes, as a mater of fact we went together.

IC – What did you think of the game?
Rankins – Well, I didn't expect that from Carolina considering who they played but they pulled it out in the end.

IC – I hear Carolina has some good prospects coming in next year.
Rankins – Yes, I heard that too.

IC – Did you go to the football practice after the game?
Rankins – Yes, I spoke with my recruiter some and we talked about maybe setting up an official visit.

IC – That is Coach Browning right?
Rankins – Yes, I hadn't spoken to him in a while.

IC – Are you still leaning towards Michigan?
Rankins – I heard some negative things about Michigan and I am not too sure about them. I'd say that I have no leader right now.

IC – Would you say that you are more likely to leave the state or stay in the state?
Rankins – I'd say it is about even if I leave the state or stay.

IC – I read that if you stayed in-state that you would go to NCSU. Is that true?
Rankins – I don't remember saying that. I think the question was more would I go to ECU. If I stayed in-state, I would go to UNC or NCSU.

IC – When do you plan to talk to Coach Browning to try and set up an official visit to Chapel Hill?
Rankins – In mid-January.

IC – Did you enjoy the Shrine Bowl?
Rankins – Yes, I did.

IC – What position did you play?
Rankins – Wide Receiver.

IC – What was wrong with the North Carolina offense?
Rankins – The starting QB (Curt Dukes) separated his shoulder. The backup QB didn't throw the ball to the receiver he was supposed to and didn't make very good reads.

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