Wed. Practice Quotes w/Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Following North Carolina's practice on Wednesday, <I>Inside Carolina</i> caught up with head coach John Bunting, tailback Ronnie McGill, wide receiver Mike Mason and linebacker Tommy Richardson…

John Bunting (4:11)

  • "[Ronnie McGill] may practice [Thursday]. We'll wait until tomorrow. There is always a chance, but like I said yesterday, because he is not practicing today, I look at him as doubtful. If you don't practice on Tuesday or Wednesday…in my mind, you're always doubtful on Saturday. It's hard to play – unless you're a 12-year pro -- if you don't practice on Tuesday or Wednesday."

  • "[Punter John Choate did] real good. We're real excited about him. He did a great job."

  • "[Tommy Richardson] is practicing. He's back in the mix, and I hope to get him back on the field."

  • "[Joe Kedra] is healthy. I've talked with Joe. I spent some time with him yesterday. Right now, because he's missed so much time…it's good to know that he is well, because if someone were to have a serious injury, we could plug him in. But, right now, his time is best spent trying to work his way onto special teams. He's got to try and help us there."

  • "I have not been pleased all summer [with the linebackers]. It's the most average part of our group. We've got to get guys to start playing linebacker. I don't know when it is going to happen. Fred Sparkman has shown some signs. Jeff Longhany does some things. But, there is nothing consistently, where you really want it to be with a fine group of backers. We've got a long ways to go. Mahon Carey – coming down from safety – he can do some things. We want him to be more aggressive and fit plays. We want him to diagnose, key and then get to the plays. That's what linebackers do. It drives me nuts. I like that urgency in linebackers."

  • "To "fit" plays mean this: ‘You must key, diagnose and get to the proper spot. This isn't about high school ball where you just run around and try to make a play. You've got plays to run and you must fit into the proper perspective of the pursuit pattern. Force, fill and pursuit. Read, recognize and react – I learned right here on this football field. The guys that do that as a linebacker are the better players."

  • "We practice against taller receivers all the time; that will be nothing new to us. Between Adarius Bowman, Jesse Holley, Derrele Mitchell and Wallace Wright – we've got tall receivers."
    Ronnie McGill (1:28)

  • "Every since I've been working in the indoor pool, I've been trying to get my flexibility back. I don't know if I'll be able to play this week. We were running around the corner, a guy tried to tackle me, I twisted, but my body stayed the same."
    Tommy Richardson (1:50)
  • "We're working on a lot of nickel packages – a lot of one-on-one packages. This should be fun. It was tough [not playing last week], but it re-focused me a lot. It calmed me down and made me put some things in perspective. It humbles you [not to play], but I wanted to see the other guys play well. I'll just be glad to come back next week."
    Mike Mason (2:46)

  • "I think we've got to be tougher than we've been playing, because Louisville is a tougher team than we've been playing. We've got to be smarter, eliminate the penalties and play our game. They're very aggressive. They play a lot differently than the other teams we've been playing. You can see that on the film, so we've just got to play that way also."

  • "We've got a lot of talent at the receiving corps. Sometimes I think about [that I've only got one catch this year], but then I realize I'm just a sophomore. I'm happy with what I've got now and that I've got two more years. I would like to get more involved in the offense, but I'm happy with the way it's going right now."

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