UNC-L'ville: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC players addressed the media following the game ...

Note: The audio interviews and the transcript are different.

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On the team's intensity:
"We just can't have the mentality in terms of them giving things to us. We've got to come back out here and execute, and have consistency, and do it week after week after week, just like the performance we had last weekend. You know, we heard hype on television, we're BCS busters, how good it would be having us 3-1 after we beat Louisville today. You can't let that stuff get into your head. You have to stay focused on the fundamentals. You have to be focused on football. You have to go out and execute week after week."

On opening the second half with a three-and-out:
"We tell ourselves we're a second half team. Some guys say don't worry about it, we'll come back out, we'll be on top. But we have to go out there from the very first minute of the first quarter and start executing immediately. We don't have time to wait. Some of the good opponents we're going up against, there is no time for that. You have to go out there, and the game goes by fast. It's gone like that. It's too fast."

On playing without Ronnie McGill:
"I love that guy. Every single day this past week, I was with him, I was consoling him, I was with him the whole way."

On the dropped passes:
"Things like that, and getting all the way down to the goal line and fumbling on first and goal, things like that--it's impossible to win when you have situations like that. It's impossible."

On the difficult stretch ahead:
"This week, we have to focus on consistency, every day. Every day."


On the quick three-and-out to start the second half:
"I'm not saying it's deflating, because you've got a whole half to play. But it was a crucial part of the game. We needed to come up with some points, and we didn't."

On Coach Bunting's message to the team after the game:
"He didn't really need to say anything. We're all grown men, and we know what happened out there. There really wasn't much he could say."

What happened on the interception?
"I thought I saw something, and it turns out that wasn't what I saw."

How do you sum up today?
"Just a bad game. Just a bad game today."

How do you prepare for Florida State?
"It was tough after William and Mary, you know. We just have to go out there and do what we're capable of doing."

Did you think this offense was capable of being shut out?
"Nah. No."

Did you feel like you were without a lot of your key weapons today, with the injuries and the dropped passes?
"It was a total team effort. A lot of times I just didn't put the ball out there. I'm never one to point fingers. It was just frustrating that we didn't get the job done."


On lack of success establishing the run:
"They were stacking up eight in the box. We were just outnumbered out there. The inside plays worked a little better than the outside plays because they were overloading the box. But they played hard. Their defense ran around all day and they made plays, and they stopped us. You can't really say it was all a matter of we should have done this or that. We were just running plays. I was running the ball hard, and Chad was running the ball hard. Every time we touched it, we tried to make something happen."

On trying to reestablish momentum:
"You've got to take the losses as they come. You've got to come out Monday and get ready for the next game. We've got Florida State next weekend, and it's a big game. We're going down to Tallahassee, and we've got to get ready. We've got to be prepared. So we're going to come in Monday and we're going to put this game behind us. It was a very frustrating loss, but there's nothing we can do about it now. We've just got to come out and practice and prepare for the next game."

On his injury:
"I just fell on my shoulder. It's just a little shoulder jam. I don't expect it to slow me down. I should be fine."


Was the team flat today?
"I don't know about the offense, but I think the defense came out to play. They put together a decent drive, but they didn't come out and just score out the top. They had to work for it. But we just didn't get it done coming out in the second half. I think we came out flat in the second half."

What was said at halftime?
"Well the defense, you know, we held them a couple of times. We wanted to come out and crank it up a notch. It was frustrating. The offense got the ball first, and they didn't get it done. And then the defense turns right back around and gave up a touchdown on that first drive. So that's frustration coming out in the second half. We just talked about cranking it up and setting the tone, and then the offense gives a three-and-out and the defense gives up a touchdown. So that's a momentum swing."

Did Louisville's offense throw things at you that you hadn't seen before?
There's a good offensive unit, but we can't control what they do. We can only control what we do. I think we were prepared for everything they did. There was nothing they did that we didn't see. We just needed to get the job done, and they executed a few more plays than we did."

Does the defense feel like there are things to build on from this performance?
"We try to get that every week. Of course next week, well, the weeks to come don't get any easier. But we've just got to work on our execution and do our job, and we'll be fine."

Andy Britt contributed to this report.

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