FB Recruiting Updates - 12/19/01

Updates on Thompson and Bennett

Inside Carolina talked with Moe Thompson following his participation in the Shrine Bowl. Moe said that he enjoyed the experience and was glad that SC won the game. There was a report from an internet site that stated Moe was not thinking about North Carolina much and was thinking strongly about South Carolina. IC asked Moe to validate that report.

Inside Carolina – Moe, an internet site is saying that they interviewed you and that you said you were not thinking strongly about North Carolina and that you were really favoring South Carolina now. Is that true?
Moe Thompson – I never said that. UNC and SCAR are my two favorites.

IC – What about Clemson and FSU?
Thompson – I'm really no longer considering them.

IC – Does that mean you will not take your official visits there?
Thompson – Yes, I'm pretty sure I won't be visiting anywhere except SCAR and UNC.

IC – Does your mom have a preference?
Thompson – She prefers UNC but it is really my decision and right now its even between those two schools. I'll know more after my official visit.

Fred Bennett

IC also talked with another Shrine Bowler, Manning cornerback Fred Bennett.

Season Stats

  • Ints: 6
  • Catches: 56
  • Yards: 1156
  • TDs: 22
  • Prefers CB.

    Inside Carolina – Fred, how did you like the Shrine Bowl?
    Fred Bennett – Oh, it was great.

    IC – What was the difference in the game?
    Bennett - The South Carolina defense was the key.

    IC – Are your three favorites still Clemson, SCAR and UNC.
    Bennett – Yes, that is pretty much it.

    IC – I know Manning has sent a lot of players to Clemson. Is there much pressure on you to attend Clemson?
    Bennett – Oh yes, there is a lot of pressure.

    IC – From whom?
    Bennett – From friends, classmates, teachers, almost everyone.

    IC – Do you think you could eventually decide to go somewhere other than Clemson given that there is so much pressure on you?
    Bennett – Yes, I just let it go in one ear and out the other. This is my life and my decision.

    IC – Does your family have a preference where you go?
    Bennett – No, they just want me to get an education.

    IC – Has anyone made any in-home visits?
    Bennett – Just Clemson but (UNC) Coach (Robbie) Caldwell has been calling as well as the SCAR coaches.

    IC – How about your brother Sedrick? Where is he looking to go?
    Bennett – Probably a smaller school like Charleston Southern.

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