Bunting's Sunday teleconference

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--UNC's head football coach, John Bunting, spoke to the media in a Sunday afternoon teleconference after reviewing the game tape of the Tar Heels' 34-0 home loss to the Louisville Cardinals.

Opening Remarks:

After reviewing the tape this morning, it's not much different from yesterday. You have to score points when you get into enemy territory, and we were across the 40 [yard line] three times and came up with no points. That was probably the most disappointing part about the game because I think if we had put a little pressure on Louisville, it might have been a different story.

Why we came out in the second half and were not able to make plays is a little more clear right now--we just didn't make them. We blocked things up pretty well, and Louisville was very aggressive with their defense and gave us opportunities to take some shots downfield. We just didn't connect whether it be the receive dropping the ball or the quarterback being a little bit off.

We've got to try to get better when we have those opportunities because that's how you beat teams that play pressure defense like Louisville. You've got to take your shots and make the plays. It's unfortunate that we didn't because I think there were plenty of opportunities for us to make a lot of plays in that game yesterday and it could have been quite different.

Obviously, defensively we still have a long ways to go--we know that. We knew that last week and said that last week after the Georgia Tech game. There were a lot of things that did not work out right against Louisville. Give Louisville a lot of credit. They have a very good offensive scheme. They do a lot of different things between the spread offense, five wide receivers, two-back offense where they blocked us up pretty good and got after our defensive line quite a bit. But we are going to regroup and go back to work and continue to work on this defense and see if we can make some plays with these guys that I think have a lot of potential to be great playmakers.

You mentioned yesterday that you might move Khalif Mitchell back to the outside on the defensive line. After watching the tape, do you anticipate any other changes this week?

Kyndraus Guy--we're going to flop those two. I think we'll put Kyndraus inside at he three-technique where Khalif has been playing, where Chase Page did play and move Khalif out. Those two will flop positions.

Are those the only ones you anticipate?

I'll keep looking at what I'm going to do with the linebacker situation. We may give Jeff Longhany a start this week. I'm going to look at the safety position with Kareen Taylor maybe the starter at safety this week.

Brad Lawing said that he didn't think Khalif would have trouble moving inside because that was the position he played in prep school. What has been the problem that has held him back on this move inside?

I would say that he's probably, maybe not physically suited for inside, at least at this point in time. When I say that, he's a long, tall player--long-legged player. You usually don't see a whole lot of those guys playing inside. We thought with all the power that he does possess that he'd be able to help us inside when we lost Chase [Page]. But when we did that, at the same time, I was afraid of losing some outside pressure on the perimeter. That's where we've been bad over the last two years.

Really, Kyndraus Guy is a guy who helps us make this move because I believe he is a fast, get-off-the-ball guy. He reminds me a lot of the guy I had in St. Louis, Demarco Farr. He allows us to do what we probably should be doing is putting [Khalif Mitchell] on the outside where he can stretch out and play on the perimeter, and put a quicker, smaller body--in terms of stature--inside. You'll find most defensive tackles are not in the 6-5 range like Khalif. Many of them are 6-3, 6-4, 6-2.

Do you expect Ronnie McGill to practice tomorrow?

I do not.

Do you have a time table yet?

I don't know if he will be available this week. We'll see what he looks like by Tuesday. Once again, if he does not practice on Tuesday or Wednesday, he will be very doubtful for the game. I'm not going to play a guy who hasn't practiced. He's feeling better, but I know he won't practice tomorrow. We'll see what happens on Tuesday.

After the team had had some success, I know you would probably anticipate them coming out and really going after it yesterday, but I get the feeling you didn't feel like you got that from them in the second half. Any ideas about what happened there?

I just think it's not coming up with points in the first half, and then in the second half the three-and-out right off the bat, with two negative plays, and then we have a short punt fielded on the run, run back and they come [back and score] I think took a lot of wind out of the young players sails. It was hard to recover after that.

We were on the field far too much as a defense in the second half. We needed to score some points in the first half to give Louisville a little bit of something to worry about. They were doing a lot of things that some teams will take advantage of--and we tried to. We didn't get them done.

If you are forced to play without both Jacque Lewis (left shoulder strain) and Ronnie McGill (left ankle sprain), what will that force you guys to do?

We'll get Vince Wilson some more snaps, and we'll also give Madison Hedgecock some time at tailback.

Do you anticipate any more freshmen playing, who haven't played so far, playing this season, four games into the season?

I don't foresee any other freshmen playing. This would be the end of it with Vince [Wilson] playing.

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