UNC-FSU: Locker Room Report

Jarwarski Pollock

You can take a lot from this. When we go back and watch game film, we're going to take a lot from this game.

So what was the difference between this week and last week?

Execution. Last week weren't executing as we would have liked to, but this week we came out and executed. We wanted to shorten the passing game because they were so quick off the edges with the rush and all that. So we just shortened the passing game, and that helped us out a lot.

Is that why you were able to have your best game of the season, so far?

Yeah, I want to say so, because there was a lot of quick stuff--that's what I do. A lot of quick passes and do something with it after that, so that's what helped.

Do you remember this play specifically: You guys had just gotten the interception, and you are in pretty decent field position. It was third down, they threw a pass to you and you caught it, and then you went to the right and didn't go straight up [the field] and got stopped. What did you see? What happened?

I saw something where he was leaning towards the inside of me cutting up, so I thought that I could get him with a little stab move and go around him, but he didn't fall for it because he's great athlete. That's what Florida State players do, so my hat goes off to him for that play.

What can you all do differently to move the ball better once you get into the red zone? You seem to be moving the ball really well between the 20's, but you seem to stall out at that point.

We just have to work on our reads on offense as the possibility of us getting into score. We need to work on our reads on offense, because it's not that good, as you can see. The past four games, we haven't gotten into the end zone that much. We've gotten it down there, but we haven't gotten them in. So we just need to go back to the drawing board and work on that more.

The team still looked like they were in good condition, did you still think you were still in it when it was 31-16?

Oh, yeah, we always think that we're in it, never give up,.that's our motto, "You can't give up." If you give up, you're losers. We don't want to be losers.

Darian Durant

On the inability of the offense to score in the red zone.

It's tough, it's tough. When you play against a team like this, you got to get seven points, when it's available.

When time is running out and you're watching from the sidelines, what is going through your mind?"

Nothing, nothing, just come back next week and just play. We played hard at times, and that was a great team we played. I still think that we're trying stick around.

Any particular reason you went to Pollock more today, or was it just a matter of him being open?

I mean, the guy had 71 catches last year. He's a proven player, proven that he can make plays when he gets the ball. I try, whenever the opportunity was there for me to get him the ball I tried to get it to him. Not taking anything any from any of our other receivers, he was just open and I had a chance to hit him and I did.

What can you do differently when you get in the red zone? Is there any particular problem?

I don't think it's a problem, I just think, I don't know. Whatever it is, we'll see on film, we'll see on film why we didn't get a four-yard run instead of a two-yard run. So we'll just have to see tomorrow.

At the end of the first half, do you still have the feeling you were in this game?

Oh yeah, we felt that way whenever it was 31-16 in the fourth quarter. We never give up. There's no need to play this game if you are going to give up. So there is never quit in this team.

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