Chuck Amato's press conference quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- N.C. State coach Chuck Amato talked to the media on Monday about Saturday's game at UNC ...

There was a ton of red at Chapel Hill two years ago. What kind of lift does that give a team?
"It's great, but I don't know if it can give that much. The more the merrier. It would be fitting for our kids to see all that. "

You talked about wanting to play how Ohio State plays and win with this defense. I'm sure it's a difficult way to live with games coming down to the last play.
"Yeah, we won it on the last play, but there were a lot of snaps before that last play to give reasons for the game to be won on it. But, we could be 1-3, we could be 4-0. We're 3-1 and we're happy to be there. If we could win seven more games like that we'd take it right now. "

Talk about the progress Jay showed and are you confident it can carry over?
"It's a sign of what he's capable of doing. It shows him, our team, you, and all the people sitting in the stands of what he's capable of doing. I talked to him and Marcus the night before about being relaxed and letting their instincts take over. "

Do you track broken tackles?
"Coach Portee does, and it shows that they all are doing that now. When I came here I wanted to track broken tackles and yards after a hit. I remember when Jerry Claibourne would talk about how many yards his backs got after broken tackles or after being hit. I thought it was a great stat because it shows effort. "

Why do you keep going back to Jerry Claibourne?
"Pretty good coach. They played for a national championship one year at Maryland. He taught physical football play. With the way he ran the ball and did things. "

What was the difference in the second half?
"I think [Jay] knew we had a lot of confidence in him to put him back in the game. I think he felt the energy that the team left the locker room with. He had watched the game from a position no one likes to watch it. It just shows the mere fact that the kid hadn't had a lot of reps. The more they both get the more comfortable they will be. They don't have to win the game for us. Just play within the system. "

Thoughts on third quarter:
"That fifteen minutes was the difference in the football game. "

Were you surprised they could move the ball in the fourth quarter after how they played in the third?
"Well, yea, and again one play electrified them. On third and one... for 42 yards. We were lined up wrong. That play got them going. "

Is it tough on the sidelines knowing one play can turn the game? Is it tough watching that?
"Did I look uncomfortable on the sidelines? Hi mom! "

I was looking at your shoes.
"Well, look at something else. I'm glad I don't wear red pants. But, that's the way the game is. It's such a game of momentum."

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