N.C. State press conference quotes

Raleigh, N.C. – Wolpack tight end T.J. Williams and defensive back Dovonte Edwards met with the media, and here is a sampler of what they had to say...

Tight End T.J. Williams

Was what you guys did in the second half a sign that you were over the hump or was it just a one-game deal on offense?
"I think the biggest thing is it showed we've improved and that we can do the things we want to do in the passing game. It may have been a stepping stone, and we were able to come together as a team. That's what we want to keep doing. "

Did you sense any frustration while waiting for it to gel?
"Being a receiver or tight end, everyone's going to want the ball. It's just a matter of waiting for your time to come and taking advantage of it. "

Talk about T.A. and the way he's running right now.
"Last week he knocked off like three helmets and ran over a bunch of guys. He's just a great running back, and I was amazed. He's been doing those things since he's been here. "

What does this game mean to you being a North Carolina native?
"This game means a lot. It's one of the biggest rivalries in college football so being that I'm from North Carolina it's a good thing. You have a chance to be a part of that atmosphere of one of the biggest rivalries. "

Were you recruited by North Carolina? Did they offer and can you talk about the decision?
"Yes, I was recruited by North Carolina. They offered me. The decision was that I felt like I'd be a better player here. There's a good coaching staff over there as well, but I felt that I would come here and be a part of this team. "

Do you know many of the guys from over there?
"Yes I know a couple of guys. Derrelle Mitchell and there's a couple of other guys that I associate with. "

Wide Receiver Dovonte Edwards

Does this game have any special meaning to you?
"Definitely. I'm from Chapel Hill, and I have a lot of friends there who will be rooting for UNC. They want me to do well. This game has a lot of significance because I'm from Chapel Hill, and I had the opportunity to go there. It was between NC State and UNC. I picked a rival school. "

What factors were in your decision?
"What it was about is NC State gave me the opportunity to play basketball my freshman year and Coach Torbush at North Carolina said he wanted me to wait until my sophomore year to try my hand at basketball. Not only that. I was coming in as a wide receiver and Philip Rivers was a hot-shot quarterback, so I wanted to catch some of his balls. "

A lot has changed. Your not playing wide receiver and your not playing basketball.
"Yes a lot has changed since then. You never know, if I was at UNC I'd probably be playing basketball full-time or punting the ball or something. "

How much will the outcome of this game impact in-state recruiting?
"It's definitely huge. A lot of recruits in the area will be at the game, and I think the winner of the game may decide where they go. It's definitely a big rivalry. Not only are we fighting, but Bunting and Amato are fighting in recruiting. "

Is it as big a rivalry now as when you were growing up?
"I think it's still a big rivalry to me. In this game you throw out the records, you throw out the past, you throw out the other seasons. It's a heated rivalry, and they have great players over there. We have great players over here, and we'll be fighting. "

How is this different than say Florida State or Maryland?
"It's twenty minutes away. We run into the at the mall and a lot of us are buddies with them. That makes it mean more."

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