Hendrix close to decision

Richard Hendrix has been stuck on two schools since April. That's six months of looking just at North Carolina and Alabama, but it appears his recruitment is now finally coming to a conclusion.

The 6-8, 245-pound Athens High (Ala.) power forward has said all along he wants to make his decision before the start of his basketball season and with that less than two weeks away, so is his decision.

"We start practice on the 18th," said Venard Hendrix, his father and coach. "He wants to get it out of the way before practice starts."

However, according to the elder Hendrix, no final decision has been made as of yet.

"I think he's still working on it," Hendrix said. "But we're going to try and get this thing over with in the next week or so. "

The family plans to hold a press conference to announce a decision.

I'm thinking he's going to have a press conference but all that hasn't been worked out just yet," Hendrix said. "When or where? I can't say that because Richard hasn't told me yet. It'll probably be next week and I'm thinking Tuesday but I can't finalize that just yet.

"He's close to a decision and all that will happen next week."

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