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BLOOMINGTON, IND. -- Tar Heel signee Sean May took the time to respond to all the questions submitted by <i>Inside Carolina</i> readers. Check out his candid answers ...

tommyzPGC: Who is the best player you played against this summer?

May: This summer I'd say Shelden Williams. We went at it a couple of times and I got the best of him in Orlando. He played pretty well at Peach Jam. I think he's probably the best player I played against all summer.

IC: You're going to be seeing Shelden again quite a few times. What do you anticipate about that?

May: Shelden's a great player. Every time I play against him, I'm up for that game because I know he brings a lot of what I bring to the table. He can step out, shoot. He plays hard, plays good "D." I'm looking forward to playing against him.

sirgant1: Sean, are any fans or people in general giving you a hard time for leaving the state to come to UNC?

May: Yes. There's always a lot of people upset that you're leaving. A lot of people feel I owe Indiana, to stay here. But a lot of people are there behind me, too, and there's always going to be those people who are a little upset that you're leaving.

cortezthechiller: Sean, what number do you want to wear and why?

May: I'm going to wear "42." I always told my Dad I'd wear his number in college. It would've been special for me to have worn it at Indiana but it will be special for me to wear it at Carolina. There have been a lot of great players at Carolina who've worn "42."

Marineheel: Do you want to play center, because unless Matt can bring in a 5-man, you will probably be asked to fill that void?

May: I'm going to play any position they put me at. It's the coach's decision. The power forward and center position are not that much different. I'll play whatever they want to put me at.

Skilly McRailnob: What did you really tell Rashad after your official visit to UNC?

May: Basically what you guys read on the internet [at] was true. I told Rashad, "Hey man, after being here this weekend, I'm coming." I knew about the day after I got there that it was the right place for me and I told him.

IC: Okay, a follow-up question to that question: What did Rashad really tell you? What was his approach to you?

May: Rashad, all the way through the summer, even last year when we were at Nike Camp, he's like, "I'm going to Carolina. I think I'm going to go to Carolina." Because he's from North Carolina.

You know, the whole summer he was like, "I don't want any other big man but you. I want you." And that kind of meant something to me, when Shelden or Shav didn't come [to Carolina], he was like, "I want you. I didn't want them. I want you."

TonysTarHeelPage: Sean, during the recruiting process, were you keeping one eye on the decisions of other recruits such as Brad Buckman and Shavlik Randolph or would you have chosen UNC all along regardless of others?

May: I was looking to see if Brad was going to come. It wouldn't have affected me any, I just wanted to know if he was going to come.

Shav, I kind of knew he was going to end up at Duke. And Shelden, I kind of knew he was going to end up at Duke, too.

I was kind of looking to see if Brad Buckman and Jason Fraser were going to come.

Ghostintherafters: Tell us the "what" and "why" of Phil Ford changing the way your visit was going?

May: It was just the fact that my Dad and him had a previous relationship and it's someone I can trust, who'll be there for me.

ClintJackson1: Do you think the recruiting analysts ranked you appropriately in the senior class? You're generally considered a top 12-15 talent.

May: I think so. I've seen somewhere I've been about "40"—that's some people's opinions but, for the most part, they did rank me appropriately.

Jetson: What do you expect your role on the team to be, as a freshman, next year?

May: To go in and play hard. Stick open shots. Play hard. Rebound. You've got the guys, Jawad, Jackie and Melvin, they're going to have already been there for a year. And Rashad, he's going to do his thing—he's good! Raymond… My role is to play hard, hit open shots, do what you can.

BigGameJames: Sean, who did you most enjoy dominating last summer, Shelden Williams or Shav Randolph?

May: It felt good against Shav, because Shavlik—they were telling me he was the best player—and Shavlik, he's great. He was kind of injured through the summer but that game at the Peach Jam, I think I had 37 or 33 or something like that. It just felt great.

jim fear: How much, if any, ribbing did you take after Carolina's loss to Indiana?

May: Oh, I came to school and people were like, "I thought Carolina was going to win, and so on, but I knew Carolina didn't have the type of team that could dominate Indiana inside or outside.

They're just so young right now. I mean, I knew this was going to be a rough year; Coach Doherty told me that and I'm there for them. I'm trying to help them out here.

People are giving me a bad time about it but I'm like, "Look man, they're young. Just give us a couple of years. You'll see."

smoove: Are the chicks hotter at Carolina or Indiana?

May: I saw a couple of tight girls at Carolina, so…

jim fear: What part of your game do you feel needs the most improvement before next season?

May: I'd probably say, just my conditioning and my defensive quickness.

clockeeper: Have you seen any of the Tar Heels' games this year?

May: I've seen three or four games. I caught a little bit of the Kentucky game.

clockeeper: How do you see yourself and your recruiting class helping next year?

May: I see myself going in and being a banger inside. And Rashad, I think he brings a lot to the table. He's athletic. He can shoot. Plays a great game. And I think Raymond's that floor leader that they need right now. They don't have a true point guard right now and I think that's what Raymond's going to come in and do.

Skilly McRailnob: Do you like to "rock the house, Carolina, Carolina?"

May: Yes. You walk in. You can just hear it on TV, you know? The fans in there, they're crazy. It's just a great atmosphere to play in.

HeelHeart: What playing weight to you wish to be at when you arrive at Carolina next year? What is your height now and do you expect to grow any more?

May: Next year, I hope to be 6-9, 250 – 255 pounds. I think that's perfect for me. I think that's right where I need to be.

HeelHeart: Do you anticipate an increase in your conditioning and weight regime as your time at UNC approaches ?

May: Yes. I feel like I'm getting in better shape and I think by the time I get ready to go to Carolina I'll probably be in the best shape I've ever been in.

sodpossum: Are you excited about having the chance to have your jersey hanging in the rafters of the Dean Dome?

May: Yes. I'd be among great company. I don't think there are any better players that have come through college basketball than have come through Carolina. To have your jersey hung up there means something. It's special.

Joyner Jock: Who he play like? [I explained the board's inside joke here.]

May: I think I kind of play like Karl Malone. Got a little bit of Charles Barkley in me—a little bit. I really think I play like Karl Malone.

oebabyblue: What are your primary goals both for yourself, and the team as a freshman?

May: To go in and work hard, you know. I think my freshman year we have a chance to be really good. I think my sophomore year, that will be our best year. We'll have a chance to be really, really good. And we'll be talented. I think just going in and working hard and do what Coach Doherty asks us to do.

landman: Do you see yourself as a four-year player in the Brendan Haywood mold, or do you expect to leave early for the NBA?

May: I expect to leave whenever they tell me I can. Whenever they say, hey, you'll be a first round, no matter what. But until that day comes, I'm going to be in college. Either way, I'm going to get my degree. I'd always promised Mom I'd get my degree. I plan on staying four years, but who knows?

jrbutts: I asked Rashad and I'll ask you... Every Tar Heel fan wants to know, how much do you hate the dookies?

May: You can't like Duke. I mean they beat everybody. You just want to go in there and just kill them. That's the mentality you've got to have. And I can't wait to step in Cameron and go to work on Shelden and Shav.

AppHeel: Sean, have you developed a hate yet for all things royal blue, or do you expect that to come with time?

May: [laughing] …I think that will come, probably once I hit Carolina campus.

marlindavis: Sean, do you know of any big men that should join your recruiting class? Have yo u seen any of the current big men targets play?

May: I haven't seen… I don't even know who Carolina is going after, so I don't know any of the big men they're going after.

marlindavis: Have Felton, McCants and you thought about forming your own little recruiting team to help out Coach D land a center for this class?

May: [big smile; laughing; just left the question hanging]

Skilly McRailnob: Do you have any nicknames?

May: Everyone here just calls me "Big May." That's about it.

sirgant1: Sean, I have met your dad, back in the day when he played for the Chicago Bulls, but my question is this, how old were you when you first beat him playing one on one?

May: Sixteen. It was not too long ago. This past summer. It was great! [laughing]

LUVMYHEELS: Please describe your playing style (i.e. any players that have a similar game as yours). Have a great senior season and look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill in the fall.

May: I'd say, not to go anywhere with Duke, but I kind of play like (Elton) Brand did, when he was in college. We have the same soft touch on the inside, but I think I can step out like he can.

spongebubba51: How good is your Slovenian?

May: Oh, the dude from overseas? I haven't seen him. Coach Doherty's talked about him but I haven't seen him.

KCTARHEEL: Sean, how hard was it to say no to Indiana and how did the people treat you after you made your decision? I am glad you are going to be a Tar Heel.

May: It was hard. For me, the reason why it was hard was for my Dad. He had always wanted to see me play at Indiana. For me to just leave Bloomington, I think it was hard for him. It'll probably be hard for me when I have to get up and leave. For the most part it hasn't been all that bad.

IC: How often do you think your Dad will come to see you play?

May: He has friends with a private plane and they have a company in Winston-Salem so he'll be able to come, probably, to every home game. So he'll be up there a lot.

LeoBloom: Did you ever feel that the AAU circuit was too much, too many games, too much wear and tear on your body?

May: Yes. The AAU circuit was hard, especially my junior year because last year they gave you that week off right before you went back to nationals so that was a lot better. It was a lot of games but I think every kid likes to play all those games.

LeoBloom: Were there any particular aspects of your game that you focused on this summer?

May: Just not letting anyone get the best of me. A lot of times you'll have a bad game and, that game, they'll rank you on. They only see you play a couple of times a year. Just play as hard as you can and don't let anyone get the best of you.

LeoBloom: What was your free throw percentage last season and how many free throws do you average per game?

May: Last season I was shooting, I think 65% and I shoot around eight or nine per game.

Light Blue Adder: Who recruited you harder, Rashad or your brother?

May: Rashad. My brother, he stayed out of it. He knew that it was going to be my decision.

Light Blue Adder: Do you read Inside Carolina's basketball message board,

May: I go through it a lot, just to see what they're posting. If I see something interesting, I'll click on it and see what the posts are, but normally I just see the topics and what they're commenting on.

Light Blue Adder: Do you have a favorite poster on the message board?

May: I don't even look at the names really. I can't remember any of them. I look at them sometimes.

droopdog7: Did the message board posters, [the message board, or the web site] have any influence on your decision?

May: The only influence it had in my decision (was) it made it a little bit more comfortable. You could get on there (the website/message board) and see these guys really wanted you, they talked about you, a lot of love. But I don't think it influenced me but it just made me feel a little bit more comfortable.

Baked Spud: As an aside, while I was a youngster at Carolina B-Ball camp, our shooting coach was always trying to show us how to warm up by shooting close to the basket. He would say, "Scott May, Scott May, now, Player of the Year, warms up this way...." Do you do likewise?

May: Yeah, my dad always told me, ‘Make your first shot a layup. Get started by getting close to the bucket because, if you just come out and try to get started by shooting an 18-footer and you miss it, then you're done [mentally]. ‘Try to start out by shooting in close, shooting in close and gradually moving out.'

That's how we always work out when we shoot. Layups first and then little jumpers, threes and stuff like that."

FabJP: What parts of your game do you feel will help Carolina return to their expected level of excellence?

May: I think the fact that I can step out and take big men off the dribble. I can take them to the three point line, I can post. Just my overall game, offensively, will help Carolina. And I think defensively, they'll help me. They'll help me get a lot better and they'll help my game get a lot better.

Hidden James: One more time, what did Coach Knight say to you in Lubbock?

May: Coach Knight, he just told me, "Sean, this is the biggest decision you'll make. Make it a basketball decision.

"Take your parents, your brother, family, friends out of the equation and do what you think is best for you, basketball-wise. If Lubbock is best for you, we'd love to have you. If Indiana is best, go to Indiana. If North Carolina, same thing, but just make it the best basketball decision and take everything else out of the equation."

Texas Tarheel: Sean, did you drive by the Mourdough dorms on the Texas Tech campus while in Lubbock? I live in those dorms. If so, did you see my UNC Flag in the window?

May: I don't know where we went. I went out to Lubbock and it was nothing but dirt! We went somewhere and ate. I mean, I'm glad there are Carolina fans all the way out in Lubbock, but I just couldn't see anything out there.

Texas Tarheel: Seriously though. Which current UNC player are you most looking forward to be playing with?

May: Current UNC player… I'd probably say Brian Morrison or Jackie Manuel. I think Brian Morrison. I saw him when he played against Georgia Tech, dropping threes, intense. Jackie, I think he's come a long way. Jawad, I thought Jawad would be playing a lot better than what he is, but I think he's going to be great in the future.

Cali Heel24: What do you plan on doing after your basketball career is over? What do you want to major in?

May: Hopefully, some day I'll take over my Dad's business. He has a real estate business. I see myself getting into that someday, maybe. At this point, I really don't know.

Doberman: What part of your game are you most proud of?

May: Just being able to step out. A lot of big men are so one-dimensional; they can only post. I just think the fact that I can post, step out, drive—I think that's the best part of my game.

Doberman: What do you feel you need to improve upon?

May: Conditioning, speed, defense—I think those are the three things that I lack and, you know, hopefully I'll get better at that.

shouldbworkn: What is your favorite aspect of the game of basketball?

May: The competitiveness. Knowing that it's not going to be easy. Basketball is hard. Everyone thinks that, just because you're 6-9, it's so easy but just going out there and being competitive and just playing…

shouldbworkn: Some people listen to a particular song, or music group to get pumped up before a game....what is your favorite?

May: Jay-Z—I listen to Jay-Z before every game and that kind of just gets me in the right mood. It gets me ready to go.

Young Noble: Sean, are you going to pickup the new Nas album?

May: Oh yes. I'm going to get that, probably in the next couple of weeks.

RockyTopHeel: What are you looking to improve in your game between now and when you arrive in Chapel Hill?

May: Getting in shape. For me, I think that will be the biggest thing. If I go up there in shape… And I plan on probably taking summer school and starting to work out early. If I just get in shape and I'm ready to go, I think it will help our team out a lot.

heelsonly: Do you consider yourself more of a finesse player, a banger, or a combination of both? (Choosing the Heels was huge, thanks!)

May: A combination of both. For me, I like to bang a lot, but I know when to finesse it a little bit, so I think I'm a combination of both.

shouldbworkn: Sean, for the ladies.... Do you think of yourself as a "dinner and a movie" first date or a "lets go watch the UNC women's basketball game and then take a walk through the upper quad" first date? (To let you know, there is no wrong answer).

May: I'd probably say "dinner and a movie" first date.

UncleKizzle: How bad do you want to see UNC back on top? Rashad McCants bad?

May: Oh, man, it'd just be great if they hadn't lost a game this year—if they were just killing right now. I think with me, Rashad and Raymond coming in, I think that's a start.

I think in two years we'll be right back up on top. This year they're going to struggle and that doesn't affect me, but I hope that they get back on top and hopefully with me, Rashad and Raymond, it'll help them.

altmin: Do you enjoy playing the 5? Are you concerned that you may now be Carolina's first option there?

May: No, I'm not concerned with playing the 5. Hopefully, being an option… it doesn't matter what option I am, as long as I'm just out there playing, working hard.

But the 5 and the 4 are not that much different. Defensively, I can guard a 5. I don't know about playing the 5 offensively, but if that's what they ask me to do, that's what I'm going to do.

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