City of Palms: Evaluations

Several seniors who may not be on the radar screens of major schools were impressive this past week. Here is a brief listing with comments on them, as well as juniors and underclassmen that stood out.


Ricky Soliver, 6'3 G Bronx All Hallows (NY)- put on a show with 48 pts. against Shav and Co. Arguably the MVP of the tourney. 2nd in scoring, 27.5 ppg, 3rd in field goal percentage, 4th in 3 point field goal percentage, 3rd in assist, and 4th in steals. Whoever gets this kid is going to be very happy. St. Johns, Fairfield, and Iona were the only schools expressing interest before the tourney. Look for Rick Pitino to make a run at him.

Marcus Morrison 6'4 W/G Lakewood, St. Petersburg (FL)- single-handedly kept his team in the game against Westchester. Natural, instinctive player who jumps out the gym. Won the slam dunk contest. Schools showing interest…Alabama, Univ. South Florida, Boston College, College of Charleston and South Carolina.

Anthony Paez, 6'5 W/F Lehigh (FL)- a pleasant surprise, played hard on a team that wasn't very good. 2nd in field goal percentage, 4th in rebounds, won the 3 point shooting contest. Did not get a list of schools from him.

Jose Barea 5'11 G Miami Christian (FL)- a hard nosed, tough kid who constantly attacked the defense. 1st in assists, tied for 5th in steals and averaged 21 ppg. No list of schools were given.

Keith Everage, 6'6 F Westchester, (CA)- it's probably a stretch to say anyone on this team is not on the radar, but Keith was impressive with his consistency and his ability to pick up all the garbage baskets inside. Has a great drop step. Schools interested are… Pepperdine, Boston University and Long Beach State. Has a 3.8 gpa

Kevin Smith 6'3 G/F Oakland Tech- played tremendous defense and had an offensive explosion against Lehigh hitting on 10-11 field goals and 3-3 from the free throw line for 23 pts. So far only JuCo's are interested.

Paul Johnson 6'5 W/F Virginia Beach Salem- showed he could drain the outside shot, needs to be more consistent against top level players. Schools interested are… Indiana State, Old Dominion and Richmond.

James Parker 6'2 G Tabor Academy (Mass.)- can shoot the ball, so far only Div III schools interested. Could play in the Ivy league. Needs to handle the ball better.



Michael Umeh 6'2 G Missouri City Texas Hightower- very impressive, reminded me of Joe Dumars, a bright kid (4.7 gpa). Tied for 3rd in scoring with 24 ppg., 2nd in 3 point field goal percentage, and 3rd in steals. Schools that are recruiting him so far are…Oklahoma, Nebraska, Baylor Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and Seton Hall. Remember this kid.

Scott Cutley 6'6 F/C Westchester (CA)- another player on Westchester's loaded team who can go unnoticed, but played well in the tourney. Moves well, although looks a little portly, has great hands. Seems like a West Coast kid. Schools interested include… New Mexico, Colorado State, Pepperdine, USC and UConn.

Ivan Lopez 6'8 F/C Miami Christian (FL)- very strong inside player, runs the floor well, was tied for 1st in blocks with Torin Francis. No list of schools given.

Chris Richard 6'8 F Kathleen, (FL)- has all the natural tools necessary to be a big time player, but has a tendency to disappear for long stretches. Florida showing interest.

Warren Scott 6'8 C Abramson (LA)- played well for the most part, but needs work. Footwork, mobility, and finishing around the basket need to be improved. Schools showing interest are… Florida, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, LSU, Tulane, and Cal.

Chris Taft 6'8 C Xaverian (NY)- excellent passer for a big man, needs to work on shooting touch, catching the ball around the basket and coordination. Schools are the usual Duke, UNC, Kentucky, with St. Johns and Pittsburgh showing the most interest.



Zam Frederick 6'2 G sophomore Calhoun Co. (SC)- a big guard who finds a way to score. Weight and conditioning might come into play as he seems a little on the heavy side. Had a game high 31 pts against John Gilchrist. South Carolina probably the favorite as his father, who is his coach, was a star there.

Ronald Ramon 6'0 G sophomore Bronx All Hallows (NY)- clever, quick player who is benefiting by playing with and learning from Ricky Soliver. A very talented player. New York area schools like St. Johns showing interest so far.

Khaliq Gant-6'3 G sophomore Tabor Academy (Mass.)- smooth, quick release on excellent jump shot, led tourney in 3 point shooting percentage (50%) and went toe to toe with Rashad Anderson, scoring 20 pts. Needs to play stronger and not just rely on jump shot, good student. Schools showing interest are Notre Dame, Villanova, Ga. Tech and Florida.

Quentin Thomas 6'2 G sophomore Oakland Tech (CA)- going to be a big time player, great feel for the game, good passer and slasher, good student. Schools showing interest are… Kansas, UNLV and Nebraska

Marcus Johnson 6'4 W/G freshman Westchester (CA)- just a young pup, but brimming with talent, playing on maybe the best team in the nation. The 8th man in the "Magnificent 7", keep an eye out for him.

Sean Morrison 6'2 G freshman Lakewood St. Petersburg (FL)- very athletic, doesn't look or play like a freshman. Brother of Marcus Morrison, and may even be better than him down the road.

Well that's it, Happy Holidays to everyone and for those that will be at the Slam Dunk To The Beach, I'll see you there. -- Sir Gant

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