Augustin Taking His Time

Even though he doesn't turn 17 for almost a month, D.J. Augustin is already pretty well known. The five-foot-eleven point guard at New Orleans (La.) Brother Martin has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the top floor generals in the class of 2006.

All he's done so far is lead his high school to a class 5A state championship as a sophomore while directing the very competitive New Orleans Jazz club's oldest squad during the last two summers. Through it all he's remained humble and is just now starting to sort out his college options.

"I'm getting a lot of letters every day and coaches have been coming by my school for the last few weeks," Augustin said. "Roy Williams came by, Skip Prosser came by, Texas came and so did UCLA, Georgetown, Michigan, Oklahoma, and LSU too -- I could just keep on going."

On the court Augustin is a clever and confident point guard who is in control of every aspect of the game. He directs traffic in transition just as easily as he does in a half court setting and while he's looking to set up his teammates first, he has also developed into a more than respectable scorer.

His team-first game hasn't been lost on coaches, and N.O.'s finest has been listening closely.

"A lot of coaches, they like to compare me to people, like Skip Prosser compared me to Chris Paul. It's nice to hear stuff like that," said Augustin. "They say that I can see a lot of things before they happen, but I've still got lots of stuff that I need to work on."

Shooting, taking care of the ball, and defense -- Augustin genuinely believes he has plenty of room for improvement in each area. He's not the type to sit around and get a big head while locals blow him up for his ability to destroy local competition and cited playing in the summer against guys like O.J. Mayo, Jawan Carter, Greg Paulus and Mario Chalmers as an eye opening experience about how much competition there is nationally.

At this point he's wide open in the recruiting process and is doing his best to investigate anybody who's interested since he doesn't know of any scholarship offers at this point. He'll look to narrow things down in the spring or summer and for the moment isn't very close to making a decision. Popular opinion has him all but locked up for LSU and while he admits a good relationship with the staff and that John Brady's guys are in his top tier of schools, he is far from locked up.

Augustin started practice with his high school team last Friday and for the next several months he'll be more focused on winning a state title than anything else. However, he has taken notice of North Carolina's interest and will continue to keep an eye on the Tar Heels.

"I like them, I like them a lot and they are up there in my top tier of schools," said Augustin. "I really like Roy Williams a lot, he makes players better and everywhere he goes to they win. I liked North Carolina a lot even before he got there."

Augustin said he has not yet been offered a scholarship by the Tar Heels.

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