Press Conference Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Head coach John Bunting and players Darian Durant and Gerald Sensabaugh spoke with the media on Tuesday ...

John Bunting (29:06)

On the three suspended players: "This is a process that is confidential. There is a policy here in place. There have been discussions with the players and their parents. When I have other information, you all will be informed. Until that time, it is what it is. We have 125 players doing the right thing every day. I'm very pleased with the status of our program as it pertains to this."

Darian Durant (8:23)

On Saturday's performance: "It was my most accurate game of the season."
On playing Utah out west: "I had my best game out there [in 2002 versus Arizona State]. I would love to repeat it."

Gerald Sensabaugh (6:23)

"We're going to stay positive. I know those guys are suspended, but they're going to bounce back. I should be able to play Saturday."

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