Macklin In No Hurry

Vernon Macklin had one of the biggest summers of any prospect in the Class of 2006. His success was directly related to his getting comfortable in his role of big time power forward.

During the summer of 2004, Vernon Macklin found himself. The guy they call "The Big Ticket" went from "A-List" star to blockbuster headliner during a two-week span in July.

The 6-foot-9, 210-pound Portsmouth (Va.) I.C. Norcom standout came to a realization: right now he's a power forward.

His mindset during his high school season was much different than his summer thought processes and it showed. "I wasn't thinking that I had to be a 3-man but I was thinking that I had to learn how to play it some," Macklin said.

During the summer he just became comfortable with who he presently is. Macklin figured it was time to exert himself and raise his game. More importantly, he realized that he could be a dominant power forward. "I kind of realized that out at the Nationals and the Peach Jam."

Basically, Macklin had convinced himself during his high school season that he needed to be Kevin Garnett and play on the perimeter. Once he got comfortable in his own skin as a power forward there was no stopping him. In fact, some of the most memorable performances of the summer were turned in by him.

On the second day of the Peach Jam, Macklin squared off with Kevin Durant, a prospect that could wind up being a rival of his in the class.

"At Nike Camp I didn't know who he was," Macklin said. "I knew of him. He was talking about he was going to kill us and it was me and him. He told everyone at camp that he was a better player than me and he was on my team at Nike Camp. I was kind of hurt at Nike Camp and he was scoring a lot."

At the Peach Jam, Macklin's Boo Williams team took apart Durant's D.C. Blue Devils as Macklin dominated and did a defensive number on Durant.

"At the Peach Jam, it wasn't personal it was just a game."

Last month, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgetown, N.C. State and Virginia Tech were amongst the many who came down to see him workout.

However, the No. 4 prospect is in no grand hurry to do anything.

"I'm just open right now. I'm just looking. I'm weighing my options but then again I'm not."

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