Slam Dunk: Day 1 Report

Fraser and Sumpter


* You know in "Wayne's World" when the goofy duo are using a blue screen to pretend to travel around the U.S. and up comes Delaware? "We're in … Delaware," they say, unable to think of anything of note in the state. I can now sympathize -- save the Slam Dunk to the Beach.

* Lewes, Delaware is the Slam Dunk to the Beach. Illuminated road signs direct you in off of Route 1 and just in case you still can't find Cape Henlopen, the two spotlights darting across the sky will guide your way in. Out from the 30 degree weather and into the steamy, packed gym …

* Kevin Bookout, the 6-9 post player from Stroud (Okla.), had the stat line of the day when he posted 39 points and 19 rebounds in an afternoon win over Troy (Ohio). "When he falls down, he's still 6-6," Clint Jackson commented on the jacked Bookout. "He is kind of built like a cartoon character -- like SpongeBob SquarePants." We had no idea what Clint was talking about, but it's 2am as we write this, so his delirious nature is excused. Bookout, meanwhile, will be tested tomorrow morning against Torin Francis and Tabor Academy.

Gilchrist on defense

* Ever had your keys stuck in the ignition? That's what happened to IC's Jeff Goodman tonight in Lewes. After much deep guru thought and effort in removing the darn things, the keys decided it was time to exit the Xterra in time for us to make the Fraser/Sumpter tipoff.

* Watching Bishop Loughlin (NY) against Amityville (NY) was the matchup of the Tar Heels' skeletons in the closet, if you will: Curtis Sumpter vs. Jason Fraser. The Villanova-bound tandem didn't play up to their abilities, and weren't helped by lackluster teammates. Overall, the game was an uninspiring 57-53 win for Amityville. Sumpter showcased his usual all-around game, with 18 points and 10 boards. Fraser, hampered by a lower back injury, totaled a disappointing 13 points, 22 rebounds, five blocks and four assists. Yes, only Jason Fraser can have 22 rebounds and it be considered a bland performance. His seven turnovers and quiet offensive game was not typical Fraser, and maybe that was a result of the injury.

Sheridan and Collins

* Terps head coach Gary Williams, and assistant Dave Dickerson, sat courtside to watch future UM point guard John Gilchrist's Salem (Va.) squad against Christ the King (NY). This was not Gilchrist's day, despite the 17 points and six rebounds. He shot 7-20 from the floor, committed five turnovers and recorded only one assist. In addition, with his team down one and thirty seconds left in the game, Gilchrist was unable to shake the defender and turned the ball over for an easy go-ahead bucket for Christ the King on the other end. Salem ended up winning on a buzzer beater, 49-48. "Gilchrist got picked like five times tonight, and by who?" Jackson remarked. "Some Snoop Doggy-Dog looking point guard from Christ the King (named Japhet McNeil, with a creative hair-do). He's much better than he showed tonight." This wasn't typical Gilchrist, and we're quite sure he's going to wreak havoc on opposing ACC point guards when he refines his already skilled defensive game.

* Talented junior Will Sheridan, a potential future ACC player, fought head-to-head with D'Angelo Collins, a likely entrant in the 2002 NBA Draft. Sheridan was quiet early, but ended up with 19 points, but only three rebounds. Collins, on the other hand, threw down several loud dunks and fired threes en route to 23 points and 10 boards. The fact that his team ran a form of Four Corners that relied heavily on three-point shooting helped keep on the perimeter and away from where he should be, which is dominating in the paint.

Collins dunks

* A local writer asked Collins after the game what it was like to play against Curtis, his future teammate at Villanova. The blank expression was a good indication that he had the wrong guy. Other than being close to the same height, those two have little in common.

* Bobby Jacobs. The Director of Slam Dunk. Quite possibly the most interesting character on the recruiting circuit. Just thought I'd mention that.

* Thursday's marquee games -- Tabor (MA) vs. Stroud, All Hallows (NY) vs. Redondo Union (CA) and Rainer Beach, aka THE TWINS, (WA) vs. Inglewood (CA).

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