Pope Close to Committing

Andre Pope's injury two weeks ago has put a halt to his season, but it could be the starting point for the Cumberland (Md.) Fort Hill High running back to make a commitment.

"I just came out of surgery Monday, and I had therapy yesterday and today," says the 5-foot-11, 205-pounder. "It was pretty painful, but I made progression just from yesterday as far as bending my knee, which my doctor preferred me not to do because it was so painful."

Of the teams looking at Pope, he says that "North Carolina is sticking strong, and Virginia Tech and NC State are still calling me."

Pope feels that North Carolina's hard recruiting could have a profound effect on his final decision.

"It does, but Coach Bunting has to get back to me this week. He says he has to discuss it with my parents and everything. I guess he is going to tell me my status, I don't know. They told me my offer stands strong, injury or not.

"Coach Bunting said he had a knee injury similar to this, only a little worse. They said he could not play any more after that, but he worked hard and played five more years after that, so he understands where I am coming from."

If Pope gets the green light, will he make a commitment?

"Probably. Probably this week."

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