Heels Get It Started

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The coaches and players are itching to begin preparations for a promising season, but first there was the matter of the "Late Night with Roy Williams" festivites on Friday evening at the Smith Center in front of a crowd of more than 16,000.

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  • * The evening's dance numbers included -- Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get It Started," Will Smith's "Just The Two Of Us" (with the two freshmen), Usher's "My Boo" and "Yeah," Michael Jackson's "Bad" (Jackie Manuel brought the house down with his moonwalk) and "Thriller," Kris Kross' "Jump," Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," Bee Gees' "Staying Alive" (in old school uniforms with shorts that were far too short), Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" (which included a riotous Wes Miller impersonation of Roy Williams), and the Flashdance hit "What A Feeling" (performed by the seniors in legwarmers)

    * The opening skit was "Tar Heel Idol," which mocked everyone from Coach K to NC State to Dick Vitale. Manuel again stole the show, impersonating a Duke student with his brief dance to William Hung's version of "She Bangs."

    * One of the biggest hits of the night was the Top 10 List, as read by Sean May and Quentin Thomas ...

    Top Ten Reasons UNC Will Be Playing in the Final Four, While Everyone Else Stays Home

    10) Va Tech - yeah, right.
    9) Sorry, Miami and Florida State - there are no touchdowns in basketball.
    8) Clemson - 0-50.
    7) Just keep calling time outs, Pete Gillen.
    6) We just got word Julius Hodge found something to eat.
    5) Hey Maryland, our Coach Williams is better than yours.
    4) David "Divine" Noel, in a pink wig and drag, says "Because they've got girls like me cheering them on."
    3) Everybody's talking about the Demon Deacons, but we're the ones who will be giving the sermon
    2) Coach K's going to wish he took that Lakers job. And they asked Coach Williams first.
    1) Points to video montage.

    * The four big-name recruits were led to their front-row seats shortly before player introductions. Recruit Andrew Bynum was greeted with "We Want Bynum" chants and he sat alongside commitments Danny Green, Bobby Frasor and Marcus Ginyard. Those four, plus recruit Eric Wallace, all had large jersey posters on display courtesy of the students.

    * The 25:00 scrimmage to end the evening showed the players' summer rust, but had its share of highlights -- Freshman sensation Marvin Williams battling in the paint and scoring from the inside and out with a game-high 17 points; A slimmed-down Damion Grant recording two big blocks, including a showstopper rejected on David Noel; Jawad Williams showing off his improved range by drilling four deep three-pointers; Here are the full stats ...


    WHITE (45) ----- Felton – 9; Scott – 3; J. Williams – 14; Grant – 0; Miller – 2; May – 6; Terry – 11.

    BLUE (41) ----- Noel – 6; M. Williams – 17; Sanders – 0; McCants – 6; Manuel – 8; Thomas – 2; Hooker – 2.

    * The team's first practice is at 2 p.m. Saturday and Roy Williams is eager to get started, according to Melvin Scott. "Coach Williams said, when we were in the huddle after the scrimmage, "See you guys tomorrow!" with a big ol' smile on his face."

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