Bynum: ‘Not Yet'

Andrew Bynum was overwhelmed, but it was nothing compared to his older brother.

"I spelled my name wrong when I was introducing myself to Dean Smith," Corey Thomas said. "I spelled my name 'C-o-r-y' and both my brother and my mother looked at me like I was [crazy]."

Bynum and his family made the trip to Chapel Hill for "Late Night with Roy Williams" this past weekend. It followed official visits to Georgia and Georgia Tech.

While Thomas said his brother was enamored with his trip to North Carolina, there was no commitment.

"There was no decision," Thomas said. "That's not to say they didn't ask."

"When they ask him, my brother just smiles," added Thomas. "He's says ‘not yet', that he's not ready yet. He told Coach [Jim] Calhoun that he'd come up for a visit and that's something he wants to uphold."

Bynum, who has already taken an unofficial to UConn, will head to Storrs, Conn., for an official this weekend.

Bynum returned from Chapel Hill on Sunday afternoon wearing a Tar Heels hat, but Thomas said that the family has purchased a hat at each of the school's they've visited thus far.

According to Thomas, the weekend began with the half-hour conversation with Dean Smith in which the former Tar Heels coach informed the family not only of the great big men that have come through the program, but also the frontcourt players who have excelled under Roy Williams at Kansas.

Thomas sat next to his brother during "Late Night" and he said that Bynum became embarrassed when the crowd began chanting his name for an extended period of time.

Bynum enjoyed the festivities, and in particular, the skits.

Bynum took in practice on Saturday and then, after the coaches left, he and Danny Green played a game of "21" with Thomas.

"He had a great time," Thomas said. "Carolina basketball has a lot to offer and a lot of tradition. I don't think you can get any better coaching and, obviously putting on Carolina blue means a lot in terms of tradition and overall perception of you as a player."

"However, I don't think Andrew has a leader right now," he added. "But he definitely left enjoying this visit."

Upon Bynum's return, he played tennis at home and then went to sleep early – about 8:30 - in preparation for a day off from school on Monday and a trip to Great Adventure Amusement Park.

Bynum has now become the Tar Heels' top target with 6-8, 245-pound Alabama native Richard Hendrix set to announce for the Crimson Tide at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

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