Sexton Game Report

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- What quickly seemed like it would be a positive night for Laurinburg (N.C.) Scotland dual threat quarterback Cameron Sexton turned negative quickly.

Sexton opened up the rivalry game against cross-town Rockingham (N.C.) Richmond by commanding a 12-play opening drive in which he was 3-of-5 for 58 yards, including converting on two long third downs. The drive produced Scotland's first and only lead of the game as teammate Amad Robinson ran in a one-yard touchdown.

"The first drive we knew we had to score," explained Sexton. "We knew we had to outscore them to beat them so we really had to score then. That's our offense, when I got a little time we were able to complete some passes and convert some third downs."

After that first drive, the Richmond defense began to put on the pressure, resulting in a total of five sacks. Regardless, Sexton was able to complete 22-of-35 passes (63 percent) for 294 yards and a touchdown in the game.

"They were coming," remarked Sexton. "They really were. They were bringing a bunch of guys. We allowed a bunch of penetration. Up front they just dominated us. We tried to throw some screens, but their ends were really pealing on the screens. They just got to us and brought a bunch of pressure and really disrupted our passing game."

Down 28-7 late in the third quarter, the Scotland offense had to resort purely to the pass. Sexton tried to force one too many passes in an attempt to make something out of nothing, which opened things up for an aggressive Richmond defense, who ended the night with two interceptions.

"They knew we were going to be throwing the ball and they were ready for it," stated Sexton. "There was just so much pressure we couldn't get the things done that we wanted to get done in the passes game. When we were one-dimensional – just throwing the football – they knew it was coming.

"They just were making some plays. They didn't have anything to lose being up, so the were going to come and be aggressive and they succeed."

By returning one of the picks for a touchdown, the game ended with a 35-7 score.

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