Ginyard: 'It Was Just Wild'

For Marcus Ginyard, the 2004 edition of "Late Night with Roy Williams" offered a perfect opportunity to get down to Chapel Hill and spend some time with his future teammates. The 6-5 guard took in his second "Late Night" and came away more impressed than ever.

"It was just wild really," Ginyard said. "It's fall break and you still pack the stadium with people who are yelling and screaming for you. There's no way to explain how excited you feel and you just want to get out there as soon as possible."

Last year, Ginyard was a little bit nervous which kept him from fully enjoying his experience. This year, he was much more relaxed which led to more enjoyment and also allowed him to fill the other recruits in on at least a little bit of what to expect.

"Last year I was more nervous than excited, this year I was just excited and wasn't nervous at all and it really made it more enjoyable," said Ginyard. "I gave little hints here and there to the other guys about who to watch out for and things, but didn't give away too much. It is a great experience the first time around, but I think it is even better the second time."

After spending much of the summer learning to play some point guard, Ginyard has been hitting the gym as much as possible. He's been working on his shooting with his coach, becoming a more confident ball handler and he has been hitting the weight room. The trip to Chapel Hill was a nice break and he was glad to spend some time with the other recruits.

"I already know Bobby (Frasor) really well and I'd played against Bynum before but I had never met him or Danny before," said Ginyard. "It was really good to meet them, especially Danny because I know that we're going to be coming in together."

Of course, the trio of Ginyard, Green and Frasor also did their best to convince Bynum that North Carolina is where he needed to be before Marcus left on Saturday.

"We were trying hard, all three of us to get him to go (to UNC). It didn't seem like he was biting too much yet, but all we can do is try," Ginyard said.

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