Slam Dunk: Day 4 Report

* Darian Townes recorded an early-morning triple-double in a double overtime, 81-79, Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) win over Memphis East (TN). The Georgetown-bound junior showed he's developing into more than just a shotblocker, with 17 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks. "He's one of the best young shot blockers I've seen since Eddie Griffin," IC's Clint Jackson said. "Occasionally he can hit some soft jump shots, but he's still got a long ways to go with his offense."

Lodrick and Rodrick

* St. Benedict's (N.J.), coached by former Seton Hall guard Danny Hurley, played a solid, well-coached game last night in their loss to LeBron James' team, and followed that up with a win today over Bishop Loughlin (N.Y.), 66-61. The underclassmen shined again, as junior guard Art Bowers had another good outing, with 18 points, six boards and four assists, while sophomore stud Stanley Branch added 13 points. "Bowers' strengths are consistent shooting, poise and the fact that he can play both guard positions," Jackson said. "And Branch is a raw monster -- real ferocious and a great athlete." Bishop Loughlin's Curtis Sumpter led all scorers with 25 points (10-15 FG) and nine rebounds.

* In the biggest rout of the week thus far, Christ the King (N.Y.) destroyed Troy (Ohio) 74-25 this afternoon. Just how bad was Troy? Well, they were outscored 17-0 in the first quarter, shot 9 percent from the field in the first half (18 percent on the game) and failed to score double-digits points in a quarter. When they were booked for this tournament, it was expected that they'd have senior wing Alex Carmona, but he's left the states and returned home to Puerto Rico. CTK point guard Japhet McNeil (aka "Raggedy Snoop"), who's been one of our favorite players of the week, had eight points, seven assists and three steals.

Kevin Bookout

* Inglewood (Calif.) center D'Angelo Collins didn't put up the type of numbers today that had NBA scouts drooling in his last two games. He's displayed the ability to both finish down low and stroke threes -- but nothing in between. His defender, Redondo Union (Calif.) forward Adam Zahn, had both the size and athleticism to give him trouble away from the basket. Thus, as Collins tried to roam the perimeter, he struggled to produce again Zahn, totaling 11 points and 13 boards.

* "The Rainier Beach (Wash.) team is like a bunch of fired bullets in a bulletproof room," Jackson observed. And when you think about it, it's very similar. Rainier Beach has athletes -- exceptional athletes -- like the Stewart twins and point Nate Robinson, and they fly around the court with reckless abandon, but little order. The three stars try to block every shot, leap for every rebound -- and take every shot. Such disorder was the case again today, even though the Vikings prevailed 65-62. "Someone needs to teach them how to play the game," analyst Dave Telep observed. Robinson, at 5-9, can jump higher and run faster than anyone at the tournament, but he doesn't run the offense. Lodrick and Rodrick, who one analyst ranked as No. 2 and No. 3 in the country, fell back down to earth this week in Lewes. There's no doubt they have tremendous athleticism and talent, yet they need to operate with more set plays and simply let the game come to them. They often force plays that aren't there and seem to always crave to bring the crowd to its feet. Rodrick finished the game with 21 points, 10 boards and six turnovers. Lodrick, still bothered with a shin injury, had nine points and four rebounds.

Rasheed Al-Kaleem

* Stroud (Okla.) vs. Cave Spring (Va.) was pretty much just Kevin Bookout vs. J.J. Redick. It was easy to see that both stars were due for big games offensively. Redick's squad had no one to handle the brute Bookout's prowess down low, while Bookout's squad had no answer on defense for the fire power of Redick. From the get go -- Stroud pounded the ball into their warrior in the paint and he finished everything inside of five feet. His hands are like vice grips. Once he catches it -- and he always does -- he simply turns and powers the ball into the hoop with his sheer force and soft touch off the glass. In the first half alone, he had 24 points and nine boards. Bookout's teammates failed to get him the ball enough in the second half, which spelled the team's doom, a 75-67 loss. Bookout ended up scoring 36 points and grabbing 18 boards. He shot 15-16 from the field, with 14 of those field goals being banked lay-ins plus one dunk. Redick posted 34 points (12-24) on pull-up jumpers and driving baskets. As usual, he was unselfish (if not too much so), finding open teammates for four assists, though it would have been more like 10 had his teammates been better finishers.

* Rasheed Al-Kaleem is a shooter. The shots didn't fall on Thursday for the Charlestown (Mass.) shooting guard, but just about all of them fell today. He shot 10-13 from the field, including 6-7 on threes, tallying 26 points. Whether there's more to his game than shooting is yet to be seen, but maybe that's all that Florida head coach Billy Donovan needed when he signed him to the Gators. Charlestown beat Dublin (Ohio) Coffman, 75-72 to win the Tipoff Classic bracket. Coffman's Chris Quinn, who'll attend Notre Dame next year, had 14 points and 7 assists. And the Purple Heart award for the game, and tournament for that matter, goes to Darryl Lodge. The Charleston wing took a nasty spill and likely broke his arm. The pain was so severe that he first hollered and flailed, and then simply passed out. Ouch.

* Daniel Horton was in a zone tonight against Germantown (Penn.), filled with confidence and a radar-lock aim. From the tip, he was determined to take over -- and that's exactly what he did. Horton scored a whopping 24 points in the first half, knocking down six threes on ten attempts. "I just knew I had to play big for my team to win because they have a great team and two great players," Horton said postgame, referring to Germantown's Matt Walsh and Lee Melchionni. "I knew I had to do something equal to what those two would do." After his superb half, Cedar Hill (Texas) coasted to win the prestigious Slam Dunk bracket, 76-52. Horton took home MVP honors.

Daniel Horton

* We'd be remiss if we covered the tournament without spending a moment to talk about the colorful director, Bobby Jacobs. In all likelihood, Jacobs is insane. For a full week, he doesn't sleep, subsisting on a diet of nothing but Mountain Dew Code Red. He goes through about four suits per day and tells stories that don't always make sense -- but he runs one heck of a tournament that runs like clockwork.

* And with that, our trip to Slam Dunk to the Beach comes to a close. The big game on Sunday is LeBron James vs. Jason Fraser, but four full days and about 30 games have taken their toll, so we're ready to check out. It was great to get a chance to see many of the IC regulars in attendance, and thanks to Clint and Jeff for ensuring that IC's coverage was "relentless." Hope you've enjoyed reading the last four days and feel free to drop us a line with some feedback.

Signing off from Lewes, Del.,

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