Photo Gallery: Upon Further Review

It's been two weeks and still there is the belief by some that the officials incorrectly ruled T.A. McLendon's knee down in the final seconds of NC State's 30-24 loss to the Tar Heels at Kenan Stadium. <i>Inside Carolina</i> photographer Jim Hawkins offers his photo evidence to bring closure to the debate.

Tommy Davis begins to wrap up T.A. McLendon.

McLendon drives forward, though his right knee is heading in a downward direction.

Jeff Longhany blocks the full view, but under his leg you can see McLendon's right knee beginning to touch the ground.

This shot is more conclusive, as it shows McLendon's right knee down and his body upright, as Davis' arms are around him.

McLendon's knee is no longer touching the ground and he is now stretching out. Davis' body has twisted underneath McLendon, bringing McLendon's knee up off the ground.

McLendon continues to reach for the endzone.

The official signals a touchdown, while Jacoby Watkins points to where McLendon's knee hit the ground.

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