UNC 96 A&M 62: Player Comments

Following the big Carolina win, here's what a few Carolina players had to say...

Jason Capel

"We don't worry about what people are talking about, what the media is saying. We don't worry about the talk about all the streaks. We are a young team. We are just playing man. We are just having fun playing. (We are) playing well together, making plays, taking chances. That's what you have to do with a young team. You can't give us too much and have us looking over at coach too much. You just have to play and that is what we are doing.

"It's exciting because we could have been a team that just packed it in for the season. But, we stayed together and we've come back and we are a pretty good basketball team now."

Kris Lang

"I believe everyone has a feel for each other more. Playing games with a lot of people around. We've had a couple games on the road. It's just a matter of feeling and timing and I believe things are clicking now.

"They (the freshmen) are coming along great. Jawad, Melvin, Jackie, everyone is starting to hit shots and they are becoming more aggressive. You can't ask for anything more from them because they are playing with confidence. Brian Morrison is hitting his shots and not turning the ball over. It's going well.

"I felt well out there. I was surprised because I wasn't even tired in what minutes I did play. I was having good time. My knee wasn't bothering me. Hopefully I can get rid of that knee brace, that big ole thing gets on my nerves.

"It's very tough to sit there and watch but I can't mope and groan about it. I have support the team. It's fun when I am out there but it's also fun when I am on the bench because you can make it fun. You see the way we are playing right now, you have to enjoy it.

"The true test is to see how it (the knee) feels tomorrow. We are off tomorrow but I have to come in here and get some therapy. If I feel fine tomorrow, I am good to go."

"We are better than our .500 record. Our record will fool a lot of people especially with the confidence and momentum we have going right in right now. The young guys are playing well and it's perfect timing. We are going into the ACC season against Wake Forest.

"If we would have played like we are playing now back in the day, we wouldn't be .500. We'd have a better record and we are playing better than 5-5 now. You can't moan and groan about the past."

On playing against his friends on Wake Forest and on the stretch of tough ACC games coming up
"As far as my friends, Antwan Scott is playing very well. He's more aggressive and he's had some nasty dunks and highlights lately. Hopefully he won't have any of that against us. Craig Dawson is shooting well.

"As far as the stretch, I think our team is ready for it. Two games at home and a true test at Maryland, it's very hard to win at Cole Field House. We are going to go in with the attitude to play hard and play our game and see how things go."

Adam Boone

"Depth is a big key because you never know. We've had some injuries this year and we have sometimes gotten into foul trouble and you have to know that there is somebody that can step in and do the same job.

On his maturation and leadership for the younger guys
"I think with a year under your belt, everything is a little more under control, a little slower. You get to play at the pace you are comfortable at. Before, there was so much in terms of running the offense, understanding the defense, knowing what the coaches want to get done against that particular team. There is so much more game planning than there was in high school. With a year under my belt, I can now understand that and I can play more at my pace. It allows me to be more of a leader and it's something I've been all my life.

On the difference in the last three games from the early season
"I think it's all confidence. We had confidence in our abilities (earlier in the year) but we didn't have the confidence that if maybe a team made a run that we could stand in there and take it. The last few games, we've done that. We've come out, established the lead somewhere midway through the first half and we have kept it. We've taken some good shots from teams but we just believe we can just keep extending out lead and that comes from confidence."

On the stretch of Wake, Maryland and UVa
"It's a very important stretch for us and that's why we wanted to be playing well going into it. We knew once we hit ACC, every team in the ACC is capable of beating you. That's something that with Wake, Maryland and Virginia, you can't over look any of the teams. Obviously our focus will be on Wake (first) but it will be a very tough three game stretch. We just have to prepare wisely over the next few days for that."

Melvin Scott

"Man, that (the beginning of the season) was the worst. But now, it feels like Carolina again. The old guys that used to come and hold their breaths. Now we are winning and they are taking a deep sigh. We know what Carolina is about. It just took us a matter of time to start clicking. Hopefully we can go into the ACC real strong and confident and I think the win tonight definitely helps us.

On getting into the ACC schedule
"ACC, you know as a child coming up, I used to watch it. It was thick, real thick. I know it's going to be nothing left when we go into ACC play. We are not overconfident, but we are confident in ourselves of what we can do. I think going into the ACC season and continuing it, we are going to do very well.

On what Doherty told the team at halftime
"He (Coach Doherty at halftime) was like we were giving them good effort, but not great effort. We tried to come out in the second half and give him our best and our greatest effort."

Jawad Williams

"The first half, we were playing good, but not up to our potential. There were some things we needed to tighten up. We came in here and he (Coach Doherty at halftime) and got on us, he got on my about my goaltending that cost us two baskets. We had to go out and play with great effort and it paid off and we ran away with the game.

On his follow dunk of Manuel's missed layup
"Jackie didn't really see me on his layup and I was hoping he'd miss." (Manuel chimed in with "Hey, man, that's messed up! You should be hoping I'd make it!") "(Smiling) It came off right into my hand. He missed and I followed up."

What's your most comfortable role on the floor? You are hitting threes and posting up at times
"Just being on the floor. Whatever I need to do, I'll do it. Whatever I need to do to help the team, I'll do."

On the ACC getting started
"We have to go out there and have fun. We can't go out there all tensed because it's the ACC and those are good teams. We have to go out there play like we have been doing and I think everything will pay off for us."

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