Skeen Receives Another Offer

When Jamie Skeen went to Gainesville for Midnight Madness, he came back with something far more than he had anticipated.

The 6-8, 215-pound North Mecklenburg (N.C.) junior forward returned from Florida with a scholarship offer.

"It was a big surprise," Skeen said. "I was close to committing, but I talked to my mother and we decided to hold out for a while because I've still got two more years of high school and anything can happen."

Skeen had an up-and-down summer, primarily because an ankle injury forced him to the sidelines at ABCD Camp after just two games. He split the summer with the KC Rocktown and the Charlotte Celtics.

"I was happy until ABCD Camp," he said. "But I played better than last summer. I had much more confidence."

Confidence isn't the only thing that has soared of late. North Mecklenburg coach Duane Lewis said that Skeen's overall commitment and leadership abilities have also improved dramatically.

"Jamie's just matured so much and that's the thing that I'm most proud of with him. He's a great shooter and he's gotten a lot stronger," Lewis said. "He's also motivated in the classroom. He still needs to get that killer mentality all the time."

Skeen's offer from Florida isn't the first he's fielded. Wake Forest offered about a year ago and Clemson has also put forth an offer. Skeen also lists N.C. State and UNC in his top five.

North Carolina has been his dream school, but the Tar Heels haven't shown nearly the amount of interest that schools such as Florida and Wake have displayed of late.

"I'm not sure where they stand," Skeen said. "They're not coming on nearly as strong as some of the other colleges."

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