UNC-Auburn Postgame Quotes

John Bunting

"This was a huge win for North Carolina and a huge win four our seniors. We are very excited.

"We had a long wait in between games, but we played relentlessly. There are some things in a game you can't control, but you can control how you play. I'm extra proud of how we played, and I'll never forget this team in my first season back in Chapel Hill."

Joey Evans

"We expect our defense to make big plays. We would have liked to shut them out, but we couldn't quite do it. Julius almost knocked the breath out of me after my fumble recovery. It's always fun to celebrate after a big play.

"Any time you get a big turnover early, it helps to set the tone of the game. Turnovers are a big part of the game at any level. It helped our offense get on the board first.

Coach Bunting preached to us that it's a 60-minute game, that anything can happen, and you saw that tonight.

"Next year's defense will have to rebuild, but I have a lot of confidence that Coach Tenuta can rebuild the defense."

Darian Durant

"Sam Aiken was kind of our go-to guy tonight. He's come a long way this season, and he really helped us tonight.

"It was great to se Ronald Curry finish his season on a high note, especially with all he's been through during his career. I'm so happy to see him finish his career on a good note, and hopefully there's something for him at the next level. He's a strong guy, and I'm very, very happy for him."

Quincy Monk

"I think this was a better defensive effort than the one we made against Florida State, especially since it was a bowl game on national television against an SEC team.

"We wanted to come out tonight and show that we wouldn't be a pushover, and I think we did that I'm very proud of our seniors, and I think this helps set the tone for next season."

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