UNC-Miami: Player Quotes

Darian Durant (thoughts on the last play)
[It was] Just a quarterback draw. We knew we were in his range and we just wanted to try to make the kick a little easier for him so we just wanted to put the ball in the middle of the field.

(thoughts of the victory)
Man, it was huge. It just goes to so you that, you know, anybody can be beaten on any given day especially in this conference, and you know, we worked hard; we had two weeks to prepare for them, and our coaches did a great job with the game plan.

(How key was it to hold the ball 13 and a half more minutes than them?)
That was very key. You know, that¹s the name of the game really, keep the defense off the field, offense move the ball, put points on the board.

(How are you feeling? You must be bursting inside after this.) I am, I am, I¹m very excited. But you know, this is only one game--it¹s a huge game but it's only one game. You know, this is my senior year, and in order to accomplish our goals we need keep winning. That¹s my goal.

(any doubt with 2:25 left could move the ball and win?)
We practice two minute [plays] at least twice a week so you know it was just routine.

(thoughts about going out and attacking them)
I mean that¹s how you have to do it, if you fear them or try to be finesse with them they¹re going to beat you so our objective was to attack.

(Is this the best game in your career here?) I don¹t know the stats, but as far as the victory is concerned, you know, what I did and what I accomplishedŠit was for me.

Jason Brown

(plan at towards the end of the game)
We wanted to get a couple more yards. We also wanted to get the ball in the center of the field to get a kick for Connor Barth, and that¹s what we did.

(Were you nervous after Connor had missed one earlier?)
But you know what, you make it when it counts; that¹s all that matters.

(what made you believe in a freshmen)
Our teammates have faith in every single one of our teammates the entire game. If you don¹t have faith in your teammates, how can you have faith to pull a big game like this out? You have to have faith and that's with every single one of the guys here, and that¹s the reason that we won tonight.

(How does this game rank compared to the Florida State win a few years ago?)
Both togetherŠbig wins. Those are the only two games that they tore down the goal posts.

(Is it better?) After the past couple of years, you know, the type of seasons we¹ve had. It was time again for a big win.

Jesse Holley (thoughts and emotions when that ball went in at the end) I was speakless, in tears, just happy. Speakless, I couldn¹tŠmy yell wouldn¹t even come out. I was trying to yell, wasn¹t nothing coming out. I mean, it was just..oh man, like, man, I can¹t talk about it now. Wow. Way to go Connor Barth.

(talk about inception)
Oh yeah, that was..yeah..that was a greatŠwhen ya¹ll talk to Coach Bunting, tell him Jesse Holley said because we had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and he told me I ran a 4-6..I love my coach to death, but I don¹t think that was a 4-6 running right there. That¹s just the way I playŠ100%, till the clock says triple zero.

(Why does this time play better at home at night?)
That¹s the same question I want to know! Hell, if it was up to me, I'd pick the rest of the games to be at home and at night Š I don¹t know what it is. Our fans come out; I want ya¹ll to know, our fans come out. They're electrifying, and they get us something to play for. Those guys are great, and we just rally behind our fans.

(Did you imagine the goal posts would come down that quickly)
Did it come down? I didn¹t see it. Wow, I didn¹t--I was being smacked in the face, and I was actually trying to find Antrell to tell him he played a hell of a game, he did some real good things today.

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