Friday Night Stats - 10/29

Inside Carolina tracks the performances of UNC's football commits each Friday night. Pictured - Bobby Rome.

Andre Barbour
Team Result: Lost to Tucker 58-6
Notes: N/A

Jose Cruz
Team Result: Beat Forest Hills 49-15
Notes: 3 catches for 23 yards and a touchdown. Also caught a two-point conversion 

Aaron Stahl
Team Result:
Notes: N/A

Bryan Dixon
Team Result: Beat South Brunswick 45-14
Notes: Rushed for 151 yards and 3 touchdowns; 48 receiving yards also

Darrius Massenburg
Team Result: Lost to Bunn 27-13
Notes: N/A

Mark Paschal
Team Result: Lost to Charlotte Country Day 21-17
Notes: 115 rushing yards and one touchdown of 28 yards.

Richard Quinn
Team Result: Beat Lorain Southview 37-12
Notes: N/A

Bobby Rome
Team Result:
Notes: Completed 10-of-25 passes with one touchdown; 14 rushes for 74 yards and  two touchdowns

Nick Starcevic
Team Result: Beat Mount Pleasant 42-10
Notes: N/A

Brandon Tate
Team Result: Beat McMichael 74-15
Notes: N/A

Camaron Thomas
Team Result: Bye Week
Notes: N/A

Cade Thompson
Team Result: Beat Clinton 57-10
Notes: 11-of-17 passing and connected for three touchdowns

Kennedy Tinsley
Team Result: Beat Northeast Guilford 36-11
Notes: 18 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown

E.J. Wilson
Team Result: Lost to Greensville 43-6
Notes: 8 rushes 107 yards and one catch for 35

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