John Bunting's Sunday Teleconference

The UNC head coach addressed the media Sunday night...

Opening remarks:
"It was a really great feeling; great for our fans; great to be on national television. I think our offense really played extremely, extremely well. Our offensive line was terrific. Jason Brown was a leader – graded out 90 percent on 85 snaps. That's a lot of football for an offensive lineman to play. Brian Chacos had his best game. Of course, ‘the runner' [Chad Scott] had the game of his life, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Having Jon Hamlett catch those five passes was big, and Scott Brumett coming off of the injury list to catch a touchdown pass. [Jocques] Dumas played extremely well blocking. There were a lot of things to like about this game offensively. I thought Darian [Durant] had his best game. He provided terrific leadership on the sideline and in the huddle.

"Defensively, we played better run defense than we have in over two years. That's very pleasing. We've got a long way to go with this defense; I know that. We had some quarterback hits and we had some pressure on the quarterback at times. We made them a little bit one-dimensional after we stopped the run some.

"The special teams…they came through. We tried to kick it away from Devin Hester…until [punter David Wooldridge] decided to hit one (referring to his fourth quarter punt which was fair caught by Miami's Hester inside the 10-yard line), and thank goodness it was a big one. It was high, and Mike Mason just stormed down the field. Fortunately, we were able to get him to fair catch it. If he doesn't make that tackle, I don't know where that guys going, because that guy is incredible. The big kick [Connor Barth's game winning field goal] was not a surprise to me. This kid is something special. It was a thrilling night. We'll see if we can win two in a row against Virginia Tech. That would be very exciting. Obviously, it's our last home game and our seniors' last home game."

Obviously, your two more wins from being bowl-eligible, how much will you talk to the team about that, and how much can you use that as motivation? Robbie Pickeral, The Raleigh News & Observer
"None; I will not talk to the team at all about that. Our focus will be on Virginia Tech, and Virginia Tech alone. I haven't talked with them about that, and I won't talk to them about that. It's not important to me."
To talk about it, would that be a distraction?
"We want them to focus on Virginia Tech, not any bowl game. That was something the seniors talked about at the beginning of the season. Obviously, it's on the back of everybody's mind. But, it's something that I do not talk about or focus in on. "

How is Chad Scott? Neil Amato, The Durham Herald-Sun
"He's a little sore. He did a lot of running."

How much does a set of goalposts run you?
"I don't know that. Do they sell those at Home Depot? I guess I shouldn't say Lowes. But, it was great to hear them respond. We'll take that every game."

Could you explain for me about how Chad Scott got to North Carolina and how you evaluated him? Ken Tysiac, The Charlotte Observer
"Gunter Brewer was the one that was instrumental in getting him to come to Carolina. He recruited him at Florida. He had some contacts with some coaches, and found out that he wanted to transfer. Gunter found out that he had been Freshman of the Year down in the SEC. And he had speed, which is something we want in our running backs. He participated in the Spring Game during his redshirt year here. He's been in games and he's made some big plays for us. But he's never been ‘The Man,' and the go-to-guy for a whole team. He has done some good things in games. He has caught some passes. He went for 65 yards against Maryland on a shovel pass one time. We've seen an extra gear – an extra burst, so that when he does penetrate the line, he will make people miss and make big runs. Going into this week, we knew he was going to have to carry a very heavy load. And we wanted to see if we could run against Miami. There has been some teams that have had a little bit of success with that. We thought that was going to be an important part of our game and give us some possession time on the field."
Technically, what impresses you about the offensive line's performance this year?
"Execution. Hal [Hunter] does a tremendous job teaching the fundamentals and techniques with these kids. They're always working. I never see those kids standing around. What he's done is create depth at a position where there was not a lot to begin with. When I first came here, I don't think our offensive line was very good at all. It wasn't very deep either. We've gotten better and better. I'm really pleased with all of our offensive line players."

Was last night about as close to playing a complete game as you've come since 2001? Bill Cole, The Winston-Salem Journal
"There is no doubt about it. There's no doubt about it; that was as close as we've come. We've still got to get better on the defensive side. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out."
Who spotted, if anyone, the weakness or tendency that allowed you to use the tight end so well against Miami's defense?
"Having the staff together for that two-week span, we were able to tweak it. N.C. State has a real fine tight end up there, and he did a good job of catching the ball against Miami."

Can this one game by itself be a sign of where this program has come? Keith Parsons, The Associated Press
"It suggests that we have recruited well. It suggests that we have a resilient team that has played some awfully good teams and been able to bounce back. There is something about a statement about how hard this team works, and how much they care."

A couple of defensive personnel notes. It looks like Quinton Person has moved up into the nickelback rotation and I did not see Kyndraus Guy play much, if at all, last night. Lee Pace, Extra Points
"Kyndraus Guy, believe it or not, got injured in the pre-game warm-ups. He played one snap and came out of the game. Quinton Person has moved in to play the nickel. We've been very pleased with how aggressive he's been on special teams and he's gotten some work in our game package. This week, we decided to move him into the nickel package."

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